Wiz Khalifa - G.F.U. Gang f. Juicy J

Wiz drops off a new freestyle over The Motto featuring Meka's favorite peddler of #BrilliantIgnorance.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa - G.F.U. Gang f. Juicy J
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  • realest

    i respect it but this beat is fuckin repetitive and over

  • mollywhop

    and the homie BERNERRRRRRRRR

  • eZ

    get high get high get fucked up! Lol Yoooh know it...Trick.. Juicy J adlibs are funny as fuck

  • eMARI.

    I can fuck w/ it. They threw Burner on it, that's wassup... btw, am I the only one who think that pic will never get old?

  • HermesArtificerGod

    Yo Meka, its cool that u hyping Juicy J, Ima fan 2... But #BrilliantIgnorance is not in my opinion the most respectable approach. Yeah, shit he says is priceless, funny as fuck more often than not, but tracks like this are proof that dude is sharper than ignorant... just my view

  • izMister

    hahaha! just gotta love you for not crediting wack-ass berner! lmao

  • smkn


  • RealHiphop

    You are saying that this song has substance or content? lmao That shit is complete ignorance on a good beat with a good producer! Lame!

  • spencer

    fuck Berner

  • angie

    garbage is right.

  • created619

    You forgot to add Berner!


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