A$AP Rocky – Pretty Flacko (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 1, 2012

A$AP Mob Superstar A$AP Rocky kicks the hinges off the door for his entry into the new year with the brand new song SpaceGhostPurrp produced product “Pretty Flacko”. My theory on why he’s so captivating, it’s simple, he’s a New York rapper with the southern flow mastered. This is that fly do or die music.

Some new wave to start the year off right. A$AP Mob album coming in february. Call us on a yacht 10 years from now we’ll still be on top.

DOWNLOAD: A$AP Rocky – Pretty Flacko (prod. SpaceGhostPurrp) | Mediafire
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  • Wes

    Sounds like BASED GOD

  • A$AP Alpo

    $WAG! A$AP! $WAG! A$AP!

  • theBroKing

    so hes a new york rapper making music as if he were from texas?

  • He is not “making music as if he were from texas”, he is just not letting his home serve as a limitation and is making music while being inspired by those he looks up to; not all that hard to comprehend.

  • barney

    damn this shit is tough!

  • theBroKing

    fair enough, that’s prolly going to drag him down in the future though. i still don’t understand his hype ive struggled through his mixtape 3 times trying to like him but its just so hard

  • MegaMan

    Isnt Mos Def the original “Pretty Flaco” ?

  • Shy

    if this dude didnt say ‘harlem’ in every other line of his songs i’d think he was from Houston.
    Palace is my shit tho.


    So I guess the ASAP/Purrp beef is nonexistent?

  • doc rovers

    most overrated in the game right now. those young money bars. #average

  • Ermac

    How u gonna be from NY and imitate niggas from the south?… FAIL

  • T-Luv

    He is overrated I fucks with it though, but this beat goes hard!

  • jmt999

    And the award for nut gargler of the year goes to…ASAP Rocky. Congratulations!

  • OG

    this instrumental is def the best thing about this, im tryna hear a nigga that can really spit on some shit like this. Purrp coulda merked this actually

  • Carlton Bank$$

    This so swaggerful. Purrp really upping his production game. Shit is hype yet smooth.

  • 103


  • Ayo-Ret

    Anyone know where to get that hat at?

  • aggzworth

    Again theres misspeas with the wack commentary… Bitch you are not hip hop your a fucking cornball

  • AC

    its jus crazy to me on how ya niggas like this shit

  • young nigga

    hoooly shit this is something else.. soo hype

  • bladaoh

    lmao purp could not murk this track dude just copys old school three six shit

  • brite

    Purrp is a competent producer but a total shit rapper. Rocky is a little overhyped but Lord knows New York needs all the hype it can get these days.

    Even if most of it is “borrowed” from the South.

  • M*A*S*H

    If it isn’t Jay-Z, Y’all only put NY cats on if they sound southern give me a fucking break.

  • Think Like Ya Enemy


  • A$AP Alpo

    Flex Bitches! Y’all some hatin’ ass hoes! $WAG! A$AP Mob Got this Rap Shit Locked! Young Money Watchin’ Us! $WAG!!!

  • Yaasin Bey

    Somebody called me?

  • OG

    haha niggas can hate on purrp but his mixtape goes son its some good ACTUAL trill shit on there

  • Dan.Omen.

    I want to ask Miss Peas if she thinks this song is lyrically “Dope” enough to be posting on a site called 2dopeboyz. As an Outkast supporter I am not feeling this. Is this what the people want these days? What happened to the teachings of the 7th Letter? Did we get lost somewhere along the line?

  • v00d00

  • Hey Preacher Boy

    @Don Omar you ain’t smart stupid, you wanna go listen to Outkast then go listen to Outkast and keep waiting for their record to drop nigga.

  • marty mcfly

    Damn this is what ya’ll doing in Harlem now? Talkin about being pretty and stealing shit like trill and other shit from Houston now? Somebody need to get Juelz Santana on the phone cause this fool bout to have Harlem looking lame as hell.

  • NYC

    STFU noboby from texas is complaining its people mad NYC Back And there is nothing yall can do about it Bitches

  • MyFiddyCents

    Man all I hear is Hov different variances of HAM flow these days.

  • IslandKid

    co sign @ marty

    what happened to juelz tape that he was supposed to have released by now anyway

  • ddave

    Can’t get with this. Not trying to be hater, but this shit is garbage. The flow was garbage and the beat was garbage. I’d rather sit through a Twilight movie than this shit.

  • kd

    ASAP Rocky is dope as fuck. This track is dope as fuck.
    Yall hating cause he blew up…I never saw hate before he did

  • marty mcfly

    @islandkid, I dont know what that nigga doing but other then him and Killa, aint to much dope shit coming outta Harlem no more and this Asap nigga is just on some corny shit imo. Somebody give him a Dipset album or something. Just sayin

  • Pretty gay

    I love me some Texas swag stealing Harlem rapper’s nutzz on my chin. Dude dresses lovely. Asap Rocky let’s meet at the glory hole.

  • YOYO

    This shit is HORRIBLE and he sounds retarded. I imagine he appeals to people who are also retarded. Why is he rapping as if he has a mouth full of semen? If you listen to the lyrics they also suck along with his flow and voice and that beat is horrendous. Come on, people..WAKE UP.


    LOL there’s a lot of vitriol in these comments. I’ll make my claim for A$AP’s music and watch as everybody calls me a faggot.

    *1* Hip-hop is, first and foremost, about beats and flows. I love lyrics, too, but at it’s core this shit is about the boom-bap and whether you can float over that shit (or attack that shit, etc.). Almost every beat I’ve heard Rocky spit over is on some surfing in the purified water of Lake Minnetonka type shit, and he knows how to ride those kinds of beats. His music is very listenable because of this. He isn’t dropping jewels, but that doesn’t make him a shit rapper.

    *2* So what if he’s from NY and raps like he’s from the South? Seriously. That doesn’t mean shit. The music speaks for itself, not where it was recorded.

    *3* I don’t know what to say about his voice. Shit sounds like a voice to me. I don’t know what the fuck you all expect a human being to sound like, but it’s not like his shit is really that strange. It’s a human being producing sound via his voice box.

    It’s whatever, though. Some like him, some don’t, but I can’t see a reason not to listen to him seeing as he’s doing his own thing and as far as Pitchfork-approved rappers go he shits on Odd Future (lol remember them?).

  • dante

    my prediction, he will be a tax right off in 2 years.

  • Omega

    The beat overpowers ASAP on this, and not in a good. The beat is way too noisy to have someone like ASAP rapping over it.

  • MH

    @Ayo-Ret that’s a Black Scale hat.

  • Tiiz

    Was there even a song in there?? I just heard a long ass hook.

  • Ayo-Ret

    @MH thanks man!

  • grs

    crap views ive noticed w/ regards to asaps music:

    1. “He’s from harlem, nyc, he should sound like it.” — if you think this, youre a turd nugget. that is all.

    2. “his lyrics arent that good.” maybe, but was Cam’ron’s appeal lyrical? 50 cent? no but they still made hot music.

    3. Trollin’. Dont understand all the senseless, pointless hate. You mad cause he blew up? Cause you dont feel hes reppin NYC properly? Cause you a jealous insecure little bitch? I dont know… all i know is im enjoying the music, and yall stuck fuming, stomping your feet like an eight year old.

    Have fun with that.

  • nyc22

    This stinks.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    this is nice, a 3.5/5 and just keeps me excited for the A$ap Mob album. If you dont like him thats alright hes different, but dont criticize him for not sounding like another typical new york rapper like lloyd banks, torae, skyzoo or anyother guy that sticks to that strict boom bap gritty shit. He does that on occassion too (brand new guy) but hes been influenced by the south as well, ugk etc, and he shows it in his music, youre all a bunch of haters. #EVERYTHINGISPURPLE

  • wooptywoopwooptywoopwoop

    stop calling this nigga a superstar, like obviously he isn’t so if you’re just gonna act like he’s that great just say it, he’s far from a superstar thats all

  • aHometownHero

    large amounts of love turned into hate on this website (2dopboyz) is just a pre-cursor to major success for any rap artist. lets go down the list (Lupe, Cole, Big Sean, Wiz). Rocky your on your way boi!

  • SnowGo

    Why cant it be that people just like the song? Everybody always gotta be retarted for liking something that YOU dont. Smfh

  • unique osmosis

    ScienZe – September

    new york cat that doesn’t get any shine

  • Smokey the Nerd

    Dude is definitely all hype, just check out his “Peso” video. But record labels are only going for hype( it’s what sells). Face it, you don’t have to have real talent to snow it know the industry anymore. It’s sad but true. As long as you can serve their purpose with retreading humanity even more than the next rapper, you’re good to go. As far as I’M concerned he’ll only be as relevant as his decisions to fall deeper in the abyss we all know as the music industry… good luck Mr. Drake Co signed lol

  • Smokey the Nerd

    *make it in the industry anymore



  • Black Bag Music (Google Me)

    This bitch makes kid cudi sound like Malcolm X smmfh

  • Smokey the Nerd

    ^^kid cudi appeals to a whole mother audience lol.. me, I like a like bit everything just depends. On what mood I’M in.. the beat sounds like it should go to waka or Jeezy lmao


    yo write Mos Def..Yasiin Bey…a check….bitting his iddish…sucka

  • IllerIlla


    this instrumental is def the best thing about this, im tryna hear a nigga that can really spit on some shit like this. Purrp coulda merked this actually

    OG said this on January 1st, 2012 at 6:10 pm

    Freddie Gibbs i think would kill this shit like crazy

  • MegaMan

    I like ASAP Rocky but the truth is the truth, he aint bringing nothing new to the game. Hes just re-selling that Houston while repping NY and for some reason people find it “unique”. Like I say, I like the guy but I dont see him staying for long.

  • bullets

    production is crazy visuals always on point rapping is mediocre at best and idk how I feel about a niga from Harlem sounding like a southern dude borrowing is one thing but imitating someones accent is disrespectful in my opinion and im from NY i dont say “shawty” and shit like that because thats not how words come off a NY nigas tongue just thin them dudes is gimmicky

  • I’m feeling this to the tenth. as far as him “imitating” i dont think thats the word for it. he’s “inspired”, its no different from the other rappers that you guys listen to who borrow flows from each other. that being said he’s breaking a barrier that NY rappers have always had and thats not being resttricted to where your from in the creation of your music. and i feel like he pays so much homage to a genre of rap that gets little to no play now so i appreciate that. now if you dont like it…cool. no your not a hater u have an opinion. A$AP is going to get bigger and is going to be a powerhouse in the rap game for a long time.

  • toozle

    lol ny niggas crying about asap are all pussies

  • Derrty D

    love this shit, wish my boy OG Purrp was on it!!!

  • Veezy

    I support A$AP. But that beep shit destroys the whole song. The song could have been really dope.

  • Prod_OG

    I don’t condone “swag rap” but this dude is cool lol

  • kd

    LOVE the beat, but the high pitched beeping shit aint right bro.

  • inside information

    joe flacco’s eyebrows > pretty flacko

  • lance geneva

    y’all niggas are some fucking haters.. if you don’t like the song or the nigga just say so.. niggas wanna argue like hoes over the shit.. besides, the track is dope anyway.. not the typical “verse,hook,verse” format..