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    The Roots > Cee-Lo > Yolo

  • hater

    drake is a queer

  • v00d00


  • realtalk©

    Drake STAYS reppin nivea chapstick LMAOOO

  • hardy

    Haters gonna hate..

  • g

    the roots are amazing

  • who cares

    The Roots > Cee-Lo > everything else > aids > Drake

  • http://austinwnewton.wordpress.com figgy

    Man, Common even goes back in time to diss drake on The Roots' Illadelph Halflife:

    Get on the mic talk about cars and clothes
    Sounding like hoes

    Ain't been exposed to the foes of most disciples
    I'm from the state that is Ill, the rap son of man
    Rotated down to Phil, to say what I feel
    Get it off my burnt chest, my word becomes flesh
    War, going on between the West and the East
    of the land, niggaz don't own a piece

    ...and we all know Drake sings about the money, cars, clothes...and the ho's i suppose.

  • trueshit

    if you are a man and you call someone a drake hater, you probably take it in the ass

    if you are a female and you call someone a drake hater, you should STFU and go back into the kitchen

  • kato

    if u like getting pussy, then ur a drake fan... if not ur a drake hater!!!

  • trueshit

    ^ this ladies and gentlemen is a definition of a FAG, dont stand close though you might catch the gay