Ja Rule – Parachute f. Leah Siegal

blame it on Miss_Peas January 1, 2012

Queens native, Ja Rule liberated a new track from his twitter despite his album being pushed back. It comes from his upcoming album Pain Is Love 2 and I can see “Parachute” being radio friendly.

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  • Oh Yea. This is my Shit,. Tell me that this track would not be dope with a versre From Lil Wayne AKA Weezy F. Baby AKA Lil Tunchi AKA Carter Carter Carter Carter. This is what I call Rap at the best. This is lyrical Genius. No one can do it better than Lil Wayne. But Ja Rule is trump tite anyone who disagrees can lick it. If you can stick it. You have to get it soft and wet so we xcan kick it. Whoa! Holla City of Squalla. I am boss. I am legend, I am me!

  • TOrrent911


  • CP

    Wow… it’s been 8 years since Ja Rule put out an actual album. I think that’s the most shocking thing. There are rappers out there who suck a whole lot more than Ja. I dig the beat, the song as a whole will have to grow on me.

  • Miss Peas, every single post you do sounds the exact fucking same. Stop with the cookie cutter commentary and shut the fuck up.

  • TOrrent911

    please replace me with miss peas, shes gayin it up here
    the beat not that bad but his voice
    like angry squirrels
    i like somethin more CRUNK

  • T-Luv

    Stop it 5

  • asd4

    miss peas is a gdamn cunt

  • meh…

    & damn, why all the hate?… sheesh


    Add my name to the list of people who can replace Miss_Peas. Look at my comments motherfuckers; most of that shit is irrelevant drivel, but it still has more insight and grammatical consistency than any cogent thought that has passed through MP’s dust-addled mind. Here, let me prove it to you, with this post as an example:

    Ja Rule is attempting to clap his way back into the game with this single from his oft-delayed Pain Is Love 2. This song is absolute fucking trash.

  • who cares

    This clown’s still making music?

  • jb

    Original: Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner. Sample: Drake – Juice.

  • ThaTruth

    This Song is hot including the last couple of tracks he dropped from this album . I like the direction where he going with this album and the production is definitely commercial . I gotta say people are sleeping on Ja , Ja always been a good artist in my book and its 2012 and he bring something different to the table. People always want to bring up 50 when they here about Ja, but 50 having a tough time trying to to revive his own career. MMG WHOA !

  • pauly

    appareantly people like to hate ja for no reason.. he’s like the uwe boll of this rap game.. there are tons of rappers out there waaay worse, but they get a pass

  • Shawn

    On the real, though? This and the RLF track have been hot. If he keeps it up, I’ll be inclined to buy this shit. Good work, Ja.

  • Neggero86

    ….the typography they chose for this makes the album look like its entitled “Piles.”

  • Neggero86

    my bad..I meant “Pills.”

  • nikesberlin

    “a lot of niggas fall off, but not me”

    okay ja lolol

  • MEKANOMiCSx101

    well ima put it to ya like this:
    going back on ja rule’s older tracks (holla holla etc) i used to wanna smack mah self for ever even bobbing my head. but this shit right hereeee is actually pretty damn solid compared to that old shit…

    and remember that one track he did with lil wayne to try n revive his career the LAST time around??? …exactly.

  • prk

    This dude should just make it a point to tour small venues and make money that way. No reason for him to continue making music at this point.

  • K.

    He should do a song with Shyne

  • mfchefghost

    i think this nigga is better then most niggas rapping mainstream anyway niggas hate on ja cause that shit with 50 but love or hate him he has talent

  • washcloth: the son of Towelie

    This is the same guy that made New York, New York? Ja Rule needs to get this in his head: he’s no longer relevant.

  • mike666

    is this ashanti, j.lo featuring, rat looking, getting murdered by shady, busta, and 50, the guy who acted with steven segal, the guy who makes music for 13 girls rintone and think he has a banger with one verse and a feature from lil wayne (the faggit of my generations music) still makes music im sorry but this guy is totally beyond his expiration date in this game of young lyricist.

  • Budd86

    This song in incredible it gets me so amp!!!! I will make good use of this song in the gym ! Looking forward to purchasing the album . I hope you all buy this album it’s to hot to pass up !!!!

  • adamantium

    the master at work….ja rule bitches…..

  • denver

    his voice is as obnoxious as ever

  • slumerican

    this is dope incredible amazing see the devil chasing

  • Teeamo

    Not a Ja Rule fan, but this track bangs ( SOUNDwise ). Of course I didn’t expect a lyrical massacre…

    Who’s that Leah Siegal chick ? Sounds a little like Skylar Grey, doesn’t it ?

  • Trin

    If he keeps the momemtum and has more tracks like Real Life Fantasy with some more raw tracks, I’ll more than likely pick this is. I won’t act like Ja didn’t have above average albums in the past.

  • Trin


  • Valley

    Great Track

  • ab84

    amazing song, ja keeps dropping classic shit but the haters cant admit it hahaha so funny, ja keep doing what u do free rule and yall haters should get on the PIL2

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