T.I. – F*ck Da City Up (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake January 1, 2012

Ahh, an advantage of living on the West Coast. I don’t have to sacrifice my New Year’s celebration to post up a mixtape haha. Anyways, Tip comes through on his word and hits us in the head with a new project. And while I haven’t been able to press play just yet, the songs previewed on the trailers have me hype. Happy New Year everyone.

DOWNLOAD: T.I. – Fuck Da City Up (Mixtape) | Hulkshare

  • ray

    should be a dope tape..hes gunna be hungry and beastin like he used to with trap muzik

  • turftalka

    I’m excited to hear new music from Tip. I hope he’s more like 2Pac when he came out of jail then Lil Wayne or Gucci Mane when they got out of jail. But after hearing the first three tracks for his album (I’m Flexing, Hear Ye Hear Ye & Pyro) and the previews for the mixtape, I’m even more anticipating his project.

  • YoYo

    Not interested at all. His subject matter and themes bore me as do his style and flow. He just seems so generic.

  • ck24

    I’m definitely looking forward to the tape! I’m praying its just the music and no djs interrupting the flow of the tracks.

  • Add

    I think its going to rock the Mixtape world. Prob not tonight because people are going to be out and about. But its T.I. I think he knows music and this is gonna make up for all the time he was gone.

  • Officer Ricky

    I hope for him its good cause if its not his finished

    I also hope the features dont fuck it up

    Please no officer william or lil wayne

  • J.Vi

    Can we please get some artwork by Shake though? This artwork is retarded.

  • albeback

    why he cant fuck up his city??? haha

  • JAyP

    how is this artwork retarded when you dont even know what the artist behind it was going through while making it I swear people love to judge just because they dont get shit

    Anyways I hope this Mixtape can bring back T.I. because it was dissapointing to see him fall JUST when he was getting BIG but I hope this puts him right where he left off with a follow up of a great album LETS GET IT TIP!

  • Shy

    “Can we please get some artwork by Shake though? This artwork is retarded.”
    son been buzzin the second he left prison. If the project carries the same sound as the previews it should keep his name ringin a bit longer.
    Im Flexin >>
    Pyro was some trash tho.

  • B-LOW

    @YoYo U think T.I.’s style and flow are boring??? That’s the best part I like about his music. But anyways, I’m expectin big things from this mixtape. I think this is a great start in order for him to get back on top.

  • Whenever this nigga Tip do a mixtape, u know its gone be STUPID. Cuz he not a mixtape rapper. He writes songs and makes albums. So u know its gone be good. Plus he could prolly care less what the world thinks…this is for ATLANTA. Period. Fuck the City up

  • I think that this will be TIP’s best mixtape of the last five years. He’s beyond hungry, right now.

  • ray L.

    judging from the first couple of trailers, that trap muzik/urban legend flow >

  • i think it is gonna be dope but i hope it doesnt end up being better than the album~

  • kd

    this is going to be tough as nails.

  • trufisbak

    was hyped as hell when i saw the trailers but cooled down soon as i heard that d.j. drama and mlk r “hosting” it… guess i have to wait a couple of weeks for the nodj version…

  • POGO

    I have a feeling that Dre won’t be on the tape and that the trailer footage with TI and Dre was taken back a few years ago when TI did the cover for the leaked Detox track “Topless” with Nas.

    Just sayin don’t get your hopes up.

  • theBroKing

    Why wouldn’t u just wait till the tape drops shake and then there would be a legitimate discussion.. dumb post

  • lance geneva

    im excited for this.. i wonder why the hell dre was doing some trap shit though.. he’s supposed to be a pioneer but yet he’s hopping onto a trend ?

  • MesCudi

    I’m right there with POGO. It’ll probably be “Topless” or some shitty ass track. Like when B.o.B had Eminem on his tape – a song that was on the internet for a year or so.

  • Shdhsh

    Purple Naked Women!!!

  • wyatt

    Trend #Fuckdacityup on twitter and TI will drop the track with Jeezy! Goooooo do it!/Tip

  • who cares

    I just want to see if he’ll come back strong

  • ck24

    Is it confirmed that he’ll have drama and mlk hosting the tape?

  • ck24

    Please give us a NO DJ tape TIP!!!!

  • yeah

    more excited about the raekwon mixtape, and I don’t even rate him that much

  • Yoooo. That’s my neighborhood. Lol. I live right across the street from that GP building in the artwork. Man I love Atlanta. Lol. Click my name bitches.

  • DJ 1Mic

    his last mixtape, fuck a mixtape was flames so i have no reason to believe this will be any less worthy…

    and really? trap shit a trend, a trend lasts a year MAYBE 2, the trap shit been poppin since 03-04, lol… i mean im not the biggest fan either, but the trend ship has sailed

  • DJ 1Mic

    he already touched most of the hot beats out right now, id really like to see him touch a few classics, or original beats, i don’t need another 10 freestyles over random watch the throne beats

  • Micah

    f*uck a mixtape was dope, and had a concept behind it,
    this should be hot, ti dont really need a mixtape, when he get s a radio friendly song and a video that the bitches like he be right back on top. bt im not gon complain with this release

  • b ali

    really wasnt checking for this at all until I saw the clip with dre in it. the song playing during that clip got my attention.

  • Batmayne

    He needs to get on another song with JT. I swear I’d buy any album with a JT feature.



  • slumerican

    if u fuck the city up I fuck u up

  • hey

    damn black folk always gotta fuck shit up smdh

  • HE can still pick beats and his flow seems new to me (prolly not in actuality) im more excited abt the tape then nye but thats prolly cuz im getting old

  • dirtysixchambers

    someone on a forum i frequent said the tape got pushed back? datpiff had the countdown but now it just says “coming soon”


  • TOrrent911sfsf


  • Fuuuuckk

    Fuck these Drama shouts!

  • rUANH

    damn dr dre killed it
    beats are crazy !!!
    jus torrented it and wow its hot
    hottest mixtape this year
    this and faboulous tape HOT!!!!

  • GR

    Dr. DRE/track goes hard.

  • new link added. enjoy!

  • TOrrent911sf

    thx for the hulkshare link livemixtapes is so slow
    hulkshare is 300k
    live mixtapes is 100k
    megaupload is 1100k download
    coming soon megaupload link

  • MEEK MILLS!!!!

  • TOrrent911sf

    Fastest download ever less then 4 min dl
    TI 133.4 MB

  • that dr dre beat is that old ass dr pepper amerie song. Dr DRE sucks balls now, hes the tarantino of rap. Just release new shit already wack azz buff negro

  • feef

    hottest set of beats and album this year!!
    hot cant wait till 2012 rap

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    This shit is dope, my nigga bringing the heat

  • Cavs1217

    This shit cray! Foreal!

  • muzikCEO

    so where’s the track from the video with him and dre in the studio????

  • Trap Nigga 4 Life

    Classic trap muzik right here

    Fuck school, sell crack nigga

  • TOrrent911sf

    didnt like the other small time rappers,
    so i made a TI ONLY VERSES version , really
    shows his talent
    TI ONLY Conitious Version – One track
    Fuck da city up 2012
    for ur facebook or car

  • LupeFacf

    dude still got it

  • POGO

    I told you clowns that the Dre track wouldn’t be new, (check the post above).

  • TOrrent911fs

    for ur ipod and stuff
    since the original was horrendus

  • Freezy

    How is a weak rapper like TI have more likes than Raekwon??

  • Master Lee

    This shit is hard. T.I. definitely still has it. These beats are fire!!!

  • Nuff


  • yung

    @Freezy weak rapper? did you not listen to this mixtape fool?

  • unique osmosis


    and im a T.I. but i donno no creativity ehh =/

  • this is weak so was the fab mixtape. BET was only really really good track on fabs. We get it TI your home your hungry but this mixtape shouldnt have even been released. Not one track is even single worthy.

    Its weak but its free LOL

  • b ali

    ^^^^^^its a mixtape kid. complain about a lack of concept on an actual album.

  • trufisbak

    man MUTHAFUCK drama! and fuck every rapper still hiring this annoying fool…

  • AAA

    The Dr. Dre track basically is new. This version is completely remastered and now Dre has a verse and T.I. has a new verse.

  • Billy

    this is wack.
    i dont get it…yea sumtimes he has a nice lil flow…but tbh so do alot of rappers. fair enuff its a mixtape but ud think its the second coming the way u guys are acting!

  • peter1988

    Dre song is dope, missing Nate on the hook :(.

  • 1dopeboy

    this is such garbage
    yeah I know TI has always rapped about absolutely nothing
    but at least he used to sound good while doing it on trap muzik/urban legend

  • el rey

    OMG OMG OMG, that mixtape is fire !

  • trill

  • Common Sense

    this tape is so whack cause T.I used to be good but this just whack. And that Dr. Dre beat is too soft and amerie and fabolous killed that beat years ago on “more than love”

  • m0ns1er

    my heart is bleeding. these lex lugerish beats are horrible. and im a tip fan…

  • TOrrent911fs said:

    for ur ipod and stuff
    since the original was horrendus

    ^^^^^Change the fonts, throw in a couple of popular buildings from the ATL skyline (gotta have those looking just as fucked as the ones in your pic, too), and you might have yourself a winner, buddy!

  • Micah

    They got new verses on the shit popped off, i fucks with the new and old

  • hejsa

    Popped Off is hella old.

  • WES

    Why would I listen to a dumb ass who cant stay out of jail!?

  • DoubleClutch95


  • Master Lee

    I actually listened to this tape again when I was sober and I wasnt that impressed. lol I still hope Tip’s album is good though.

  • CedThaBoss on PS3

    Besides the fact he had features on 92% of tha tape….T.I. set the bar in 2012 fo a mixtape!! #OnThaRealTho

  • Thank Me

    T.I. is the kind of rapper that I can only enjoy 1 or 2 tracks off of a project. Gets to be a little repetitive.

  • This tape is hott. What are you guys listening to? This is a southern mixtape, it’s suppose to be full of club bangers. T.I. is dope and he knows what he’s doing. All the tracks flow into each other and he’s appealing to the young crowd in the ATL who would bang this shit in their trunk. For all I know this is perfect trunk muzik here and I’m the Northeast via Tro-state area so if I was you just deal with the music, it’s Swag. #dealwithitpussies.

  • milkmedia

    alternate art if you want it.

  • TruMessiah

    Definitely will have to check out what T.I.sounding like these days.