Tinie Tempah – You Know What (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 1, 2012

Directed by Jabari Johnson.

UK resident rhyme minister Tinie Tempah teams up with Jabari to present the latest visuals from his Happy Birthday EP. Really good to see Jabari getting his hands on some new projects. He’s one dude I know who has homies coast to coast rooting for him.

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  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Not this drum beat again. You hear this same beat on almost every track.

  • Toby

    This dude is WACK. I’m from the UK and man all his shit is trash. Dude is an alright person and shit, his mainstream hit and what was his only successful song ‘Pass Out’ he gave like all the credit to the dude who did the beat and shit when he accepted awards and stuff in the UK which was cool.

    But man, this guy has got weak rhymes FOR DAYS. ‘I got so many clothes I keep some in my aunt’s house’ CMON SON. Can you imagine what the fuck this guy was thinking when he made that shit up yo… Shit is mad annoying on Madden 12 too, it’s on par with that shit Eminem and 5’9″ have on 2k, fucking ‘stop me before I get on a roll (ROYCE)’……………………………

  • Jaylectronica.

    Toby = Hater.

    And yeah he has some shit rhymes and bars but that’s mainly on his mainstream stuff I’m far from a fan of Tinie but you are some straight hater and stop chatting like your American jheez.

    Anyway videos smart pains me to say it but I can’t see him cracking America.

  • Toby

    ‘Hater’ is on par with ‘swag’ of most overused and misunderstood words; ‘if I don’t like it, I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean I’m hating’. You show me a half decent rhyme from this guy and I’ll applaud you. This guy doesn’t deserve the attention he gets, the entire UK ‘grime’ scene is a dire form of hip-hop.

    Also, I’m gonna talk how I wanna talk, fuck you expect me to be like ‘Good evening everybody, I was just drinking a cup of tea’…

  • Stakes is high

    I’m going to have to agree with Toby and I’m also from the UK. Tinie is a wack rapper. He’s perhaps one of the worst things we delivered to the US and there hasn’t been uk talent in the US since Monnie Love and Slick Rick. Ironically both rap like americans so its always been bad enough with the lack accent representation, then to throw in sub par bars is the nail in the coffin. The way I see It, he fits in nice with other wack rappers like Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross.

  • Y3K

    If you prefer the other end of the rap spectrum then go and listen to that shit. The whole “I’m from this guy’s country but he’s whack” thing makes you sound like such little internet warrior pussies lol. Furthermore, I’m from the same city and though I’m not a big fan he is doing big things.

  • Stakes is high

    The whole defend your shit to the death makes fags sound like dick barnacles. Its perhaps better If fags like YK3 stayed off hip hop sites and took their washed pop shit along with them.

  • Soul Clapper

    Dude is a pop star in the UK, not an emcee. Children buy his records.

    Check out Jehst, The Four Owls, Task Force, K-Lash etc for real UK spittas.

  • Y3K

    Don’t pick your anger at growing up without a father out on me from behind a monitor you little homo. I didn’t and wouldn’t defend this dude to the death simply cos I’m not a fan, he has his lane and is doing well though. This site isn’t strictly hip hop either which is why I don’t get emotional like a little woman when something I’m not feeling comes up. Nobody cares about UK rap period IMO, Tinie just happens to have the machine behind him, therefore you’re going to see him now and again. It looks bitter as fuck when your own people are the first to dismiss you, of course we have better mc’s. Basically, don’t catch feelings like that again ‘stakes is high’ LOL

  • C

    Who Frm UK Talks Like Toby? ;/ Im Startin To Think These “Im From The Uk” Comments Are Just Made Up To Give Their Opinion Some Value ;p Though He’s Far From My Fav Spitter, His “Blacker Than Blade” Verse Was Phenomenal. Everybody Knows Hes A “Commercial Rapper” So There’s No Need To Preach It & Id Rather Listen To His Pop Bars Than Solja Boy’s.

  • C

    O Shmit I Should Have Read Jaylectronica’s Comment 1st. Its More Than Likely Hes Gonna Blow Up State Side Seeing As He’s Gone Platinum Over There & Outselling Acts Such As Big Sean. This Vids Growing On Me.