• grs


  • MesCudi

    Probably going to be pushed back a million times.

  • tdot

    HIP HOP HEADS http://youtube.com/416capotdot and new Mixtape @ .datpiff.com/profile/mindsettdot pass on the word CAPO CONO

  • ballergenetics

    lol @all the dislikes

  • who cares

    Not impressed with anything he's released for the album so far

  • Elite

    its seriously depressing to listen to B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray and then listen to anything he's put out recently (perhaps besides New York, New York)

  • red

    Really Elite? You weren't feeling anything on No Genre or EPIC? I thought 90% of No Genre was good or great and I certainly can't knock EPIC either. The Adventures of Bobby Ray wasn't so bad either-although it certainly had its corny moments (Magic & Airplanes)

  • Bryce_Ayy

    BoB sucks. That nigga a country ass disney singer. FOH I definitely ain't looking out for that project & a vast majority of hip-hop heads ain't either.

  • http://keepitplaya.tumblr.com degree

    co-sign elite. B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray was just better.