B.o.B Announces Album Release Date

blame it on Miss_Peas January 2, 2012

B.o.B sets his sights on knocking out the sophomore jinx with his second full length LP Strange Clouds which is slated to hit stores March 13, 2012. It’s gonna be hard to top the success of Adventures Of Bobby Ray, this should prove to be an interesting year for the airplane wisher.

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  • grs


  • MesCudi

    Probably going to be pushed back a million times.

  • tdot

    HIP HOP HEADS and new Mixtape @ pass on the word CAPO CONO

  • ballergenetics

    lol @all the dislikes

  • who cares

    Not impressed with anything he’s released for the album so far

  • Elite

    its seriously depressing to listen to B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray and then listen to anything he’s put out recently (perhaps besides New York, New York)

  • red

    Really Elite? You weren’t feeling anything on No Genre or EPIC? I thought 90% of No Genre was good or great and I certainly can’t knock EPIC either. The Adventures of Bobby Ray wasn’t so bad either-although it certainly had its corny moments (Magic & Airplanes)

  • Bryce_Ayy

    BoB sucks. That nigga a country ass disney singer. FOH I definitely ain’t looking out for that project & a vast majority of hip-hop heads ain’t either.

  • co-sign elite. B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray was just better.