Bishop Lamont – Sodom & Gomorrah f. DJ Rhettmatic

blame it on Shake January 2, 2012

Ahh damn, Bishop got a banger with this one! Hopefully The Reformation actually gets released.

PURCHASE: Bishop Lamont – Sodom & Gomorrah (prod. King Karnov)
– Cuts by DJ Rhettmatic.

  • who cares

    This is fuckin’ dope!

  • dirtdawg

    that was hectic-wasn’t the album supposed to drop yesterday!?

  • Joq

    Dope! Been waiting for years for this album, so pumped!

  • slumerican

    .this is okay …i like the sample he used .and who called this a banger? Slim da Mobsters “Marta” was banger not this

  • kidding me

    you’re definitely entitled to your opinion slumerican…but seeing that your name is ‘slumerican’, obviously because of yelawolf, who has yet to drop anything that makes any fucking sense, then your right to call something a banger privileges are revoked. joint is hot…no doubt hotter than the past two albums yelawolf dropped, combined

  • This is what I used to call hip-hop music… the realest!
    I’m happy to say The Reformation begins!

  • DaveG

    This is bangin!!! Bishop has put out a few jams lately. Did everyone check out “It’s Over” or “Music Is All That I Got” or “No Struggle No Glory” or “Goldiggy”

    They all are real nice. Anybody hatin on Bishop don’t know shit about shit!

  • MyFiddyCents

    slept on big time! Shame he got shelved.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    i love bishop lamont, the reformation on aftermath was gonna be a west coast classic, grow up, hallelujah, send a nigga home, kissin the curb, no equal, rain, bitches on my dick, no stoppin carson, erryday in the streets (pants sag) and money wouldve alone made an amazing 10 track no filler album to be proud of, add in 3 or 4 dope songs that have never been put out and this was meant to be a success, oh dre whyd you fuck this up for us

  • electrotherapy

    the shit this guy got recorded in the vaults is fuckin incredible quote me on that

  • DBS

    Hmm his flow wasn’t the best I’ve heard him do and the beat is maybe a little too hectic for my taste, I’ll give the album a shot though, I definitely didn’t hate this.

  • Dope!

    Bishop Lamont was robbed of the top spot on the west. Before the baton was passed to Kendrick, there were multiple years that Bishop could’ve had it.

    Bishop’s track record is flawless. He is lyrically better than your favorite rapper. He is passionate about hip hop as an art form and culture. There are waay too many fake artists, ring tone, fast food drive thru rap out there.


  • Jonesy Stark

    Dope cut, so this album is really FINALLY happening? Hope it turns out better than it’s fellow, oft delayed, album Statlanta.

  • young two tone

    word.. @Daveg I heart “It’s Over.” It was ill. I was sure 2dopeboyz was gonna post that on here. Bishop, Rapper Big Pooh, and that new cat Swish killed it. Maybe its not to late tho? This joint is banging tho….Bishop Lamont ftw!

  • vP

    that beat is a mess

  • Daaaamn!

    ^^^you kidding me. The beat goes. If not all, but lots or real instruments on this production. King Karanov is incredible.
    Bishop Lamont is the definition of true talent. Get em B

  • daveg

    Bishop Lamont has returned. Yall haterz better shut the fuck up when Bishop enters. He is levels above anybody in the game right now. Throw that bullshit swag out the window, I don’t wanna hear no auto tune. No fast food drive thru music. I want that pure real hiphop lyricism dope original beats. Fuck the radio…