• #KanyeShrug

    for reals. i was cleaning out my music folder and noticed all the tunji features i have downloaded, but i only have one tunji solo track. does this dude not make solo music? he just prefers to kill other peoples shit or what?

  • genghis

    i'm pretty sure he's coming out with an album this year. dude is always dope

  • Matt Leaf

    Quite possibly my favorite Tunji joint to date! This shit is unreal! Bars, hook, content, EVERYTHING is ridiculous!

    Tunji solo joints:
    - Home
    - Underneath the Stars
    - Addicts for Real
    - Rising Redux
    - Still Rising
    - Towards the Future
    - True Greatness
    - When I Close My Eyes

    That's all I can think of off top.

  • New

    to be honest, i never check out new shit....unless ive seen a name im familiar with. randomly decided to listen to this, this shit feels good.

  • Yoda1two

    Check out "Going Places". Shit is fire!

  • rahiki

    true talent right here

  • AC

    at leaf u forgot the track dreaming

  • cliff

    Wow, this is good as hell. Ugh I miss Tunji, so talented. His old Inverse partner just dropped an EP i believe

  • Matt Leaf

    AC, is that a solo joint? I know he has a few songs called some form of dream/dreaming/dreams, etc., I just thought they were all features. Time to double check my shit. Thanks, my man!

  • Alex

    It's so fucking beautiful.