ScHoolboy Q – Blessed f. Kendrick Lamar (prod. Dave Free)

blame it on Shake January 2, 2012

Mixed by Ali

Yeah, Q is going for folks’ heads with this Habits & Contradictions. January 14th is the date!

DOWNLOAD: ScHoolboy Q – Blessed f. Kendrick Lamar (prod. Dave Free)

  • Wooooooo shit!

  • Vic D

    Setbacks was aight, but this here shaping up to be on Section.80 level. Q on the come up…

  • v00d00

  • J.VI

    Shit this HnC is gonna be dope!

  • AnT

    Started listening to this dude when I heard him in “brand new guy”.

  • kd

    Q! damn I cannot fuckin wait for this tape man…its gonna be DOPE AS FUCK

  • JimastaJ

    This gonna be my first School Boy Q mixtape. The guy murders on Michael Jordan & Spiteful Chant so hopefully this will be good.

  • CTCman

    caught this nigga on my couch watching netflix

  • Pretty Flocko

    This shit will be on repeat until the goddamn 14th.

  • john parker
    Please go listen to this kid, I promise you will NOT BE DISAPPOINTED

  • Thank Me

    This is going to be dope

  • Chuck


  • Danny

    This shit is fucking incredible no doubt about it

  • fawe

    Damn, Habits & Contradictions shaping up to be the first great hip hop album of 2012. Also don’t sleep on Setbacks, it’s great

  • DayO

    Smh fuckin REE.DIC.U.LISS.

    This is golden audio.

  • Jetss Fool

    Siiick. #HiiiPower!

  • thatrealshit

    thought the song was good until that kendrick verse dropped and that just pushed the shit way over the top. production is dope and kendrick just absolutely slaughtered that verse, no one can hang with him bar for bar right now

  • thatrealshit

    thought the song was good until that kendrick verse dropped and that just pushed the shit way over the top. production is dope and kendrick just absolutely slaughtered that verse, no one can hang with him bar for bar right now


    this shit right here is some beautiful shit man

  • GeeZuP

    What’s the sample? I can’t put my finger on it

  • Maniak

    Sick ass beat. Top Dawg running shit this year. I hope Soul drops another project as well.

  • Andres

    kendrick continues to prove to me why he’s my favorite artist right now…

  • Arrrhghg

    you just heard someone hang with him bar for bar. Fool

  • shaddup

    Soul said on twitter he’s dropping something within the 1st quarter of this year. TDE is that label.

  • wp2679

    schoolboy q has definitely improved…but kendrick is still on a whole other level

  • NoName

    Damn this gonna knock in the trunk or whtevr y’all pushin waiting for the tape

    And a good title for 1st month

  • SwishasNKush

    God i love this song. It actually has a message. Keep your head up, enjoy life. Move forward and keep carrying on. The beat is dope as hell too. First song of 2012 to give me goosebumps!

  • Maniak

    *Thanks for the 411.. shaddup

  • Kicks

    This shit really bangz.
    Concept, beat, verses.
    proves Top-Dawg actually has a plan

  • tyrann

    shit aite.sacrilegious still the best track ive heard from this project.section80 raised the bar now everybody gonna be expecting niggas from the tde camp to come harder than that when kendrick might not ever top that shit.

  • spacecityalien

    this shiet right here nigga..this shiet right here nigga!

  • FaggatronLeaderOfTheFacepticons

    NIGGA!!! I’m crying this shit is just to dope, bitches pop they pussy to this, babies suck they thumbs to this, niggas slap they bit he’s to this. And I just silently weep in the corner.
    Schoolboy q you have done it again.

  • FaggatronLeaderOfTheFacepticons

    NIGGA!!! I’m crying this shit is just to dope, bitches pop they pussy to this, babies suck they thumbs to this, niggas slap they bitches to this. And I just silently weep in the corner.
    Schoolboy Q you have done it again.

  • Brian

    Kendrick Lamar save that song, cause schoolboy was horribly!

  • deebo

    when absoul part come in>>>>>>>

  • FreshSup

    ^^^ Was horribly?? Ok bruh, TDE over everything right now.

  • CJeenyus

    TDE Run L.A.


    i wish i could like this x 10. jan 14th !!! i’m there! #TDE!!

  • chu

    There he go! #BlackHippy nothin’ else!

  • 2dopefaggots

    release the instrumental so somebody can do this beat justice…keep kendricks verse tho. schoolboy q has no talent. i rhyme more in normal convo than this fag does on beats

  • A$tro

    kendrick sound like he goin back to that type delivery

  • D3F14NT

    yo where can i buy this shit??

  • larry

    shit sound like sum leftover setbacks shit

  • dubcyde

    2521 up to 9 down holy sheeeeeeit 2dbz. Sick track

  • vlado


  • gose

    I liked Q’s part more than Kendrick’s

  • sam


  • glitching

    its a great track. but 3000+ likes thats more then great albums get, I think thats a glitch lol

  • lol

    ^seems kind of fishy that every time i refresh the page it gets another 30 + likes..

  • 38

    ^yea this shits glitched, only 49 comments and almost 4000 likes

  • BringMoreHoes

    Why does it seem fishy that he has 3000+ likes and counting when the title track says “feat. Kendrick Lamar” and Q himself has been on the rise?? Kendrick has been on the Drake tour performing to crowds of 8,000+ for months and Section .80 was met w/ critical acclaim. Mos Def NOT a glitch. TDE run L.A.

  • glitching

    its the most likes 2dbz has ever had tbh..

  • young nigga

    Stop fucking around with the likes/dislikes shake & mekcock. Every time i refreshed, this got like 40 more likes. Only 40 comments. We wanna see how the people feel about the song, not how much you two dick ride TDE

  • who cares

    Am I the only one who isn’t totally feelin’ this? Don’t get it twisted it’s not bad by any means, it’s just far from great. I just feel any track that has “nigga” multiple times in the hook can’t be considered great. We really need to get past that shit. I don’t care if it’s said a couple times in a verse, but over and over again? nah

  • SouLeater

    ^Shut up white boi.

  • juuuheard

    shit sounds like section 80 garbage…these niggas cant rap!!! get that new fab mixtape though real ra boiiiiiiii

  • For those who can’t comprehend all the thumbs up :: Just kno Its no glitch :: Its just #HiiiPoWeR

  • BringMoreHoes

    ^Co-sign “nigga” is a lyrical filler/word for dramatic effect and punctuates the message of the song…nigga

  • Nasty Nas

    Stop bitching about likes. Why does that make a difference? Grown dudes judging based on likes haha..

  • miz


  • hardy

    yea, its a glitch. but the song is still great.

  • ja


  • dirtysixchambers

    FUCKKKKKK….. i’m leaving for a week long cruise to jamaica and the cayman islands on the 14th…. i don’t think i’m gonna be able to listen to HnC until i get back fuckkkkkkkkkkk.

  • @ja

    LOL at your mom LOL

  • frankddank

    Wow… HiiiPoWeR

  • trufisbak

    4,5k likes? like really, for real? aiight then… *LOL*

  • Shy

    LA Hip-Hop is something else right now. going bar for bar with kendrick is suicide but Q has the most disrespectful flow…dude makes me wanna slap erybody on fairfax when he raps.
    Los Angeles >>>>
    West Coast >>>>

  • g shaka

    to all these punks on here talkin like this ain’t shit….gimme something better!!! If you fuckin know so much, why ain’t you rappin? why you ain’t got a deal? why you ain’t breakin bread wit business men? why you online like me talkin instead of doing?

  • theBroKing

    blog payola at its finest.

  • BigHomie

    shake oh dick riding ass on twitter talkin bout “this dude @schoolboyQ got 4.5k thumbs up at the dopehouse for his latest jam. crazy.”
    like he aint the one thats behind the shit.smh .you motherfuckers wished 5,000 people came on this site a day fuck outta here you need to get off them tde niggas dick like that cuh that shit aint cute.smh

  • they paid 2dopeboyz

    cosign^ this site dickrides the SHIT out of kendrick lamar, how the fuck does this dude have more thumbs up for this sub-par song than hiiipower???

  • J.West

    @G shaka Cosign x100 been sayin that too bro. Niggas need to do something if, they think the better. O btw this shit is dope AF #HiiiPower #TDE Runnin this shit

  • who cares

    Lmao I loaded up 2dopeboyz right now and this had 4555 thumbs up. I wanted to see what would happen so I refreshed the page and it went to 4561 – that’s some funny shit

  • dumbbitches

    you get to many likes and niggas start throwing out conspiracy theories… mabye people just like the damn song?? get the fuck outta here

  • who cares

    ^That many people don’t visit the site that often. And if they do not all of them are gonna like the same thing.
    And tell me this how can this have so many likes but the Ross post below it only has a total of 156 votes? I’m not one to get into conspiracies, but there’s been some tampering on this post. If you don’t believe that then you got somethin’ wrong wit you

  • @BigHomie if you think i would even attempt to spend that much time on making a thumbs up counter climb you’re sadly mistaken.

  • the funny thing is none of us that work on 2dbz even has access to something like that. could some random fans be refreshing the site constantly? sure. but to say its some “payola” shit or that we are tampering with numbers is fucking retarded. but of course, the c-section will always talk shit about myself and mek ha. sall good. enjoy the new year..

  • MyFiddyCents

    LMAO @ the inflated Likes, S’all good tho Q is the beast.

  • BigHomie


    im sayin tho i visit the site everyday i fuck with ya’ll boyz heavy cause ya’ll keep a nigga up on the lastest shit im just callin a spade a my nigga tho.

  • SonictheHogans

    Shake I really wish you would stop responding to these fuck boys I really do…these niggas got on here to complain about fuckin likes..just listen to the song, damn and shut the fuck’s 2012 and this niggas still have no life..appreciate the exclusive..I can’t wait till the tape drops.

  • Bounceb

    @shake i mean watever u say but u cant honestly say u kno its not tampering with dese amount of likes..i culd put j.cole wale blu and nas on a dj premo beat n it wouldnt even come close to this amount of u tellin me more nyggaz like dis schoolboy q kendrick den da whole section.80 i aint buying shyt the xv post on top only got like 200 somthing likes…u kno its foul play even if aint u yall b on dat tde dick hop…

  • the intrepreteur

    if you dont think 5,000 different people visit this site each day, your an idiot. its much much more than that, and yes its possible. Cole was reaching 3k likes pretty easily dumbasses. nothing new.

  • SP

    BEATS BEATS BEATS! and follow me @OGkae

  • Bighomie


    swallow dick boi. close yo fuckin mouth while grown folk talkin

  • BounceB

    @the intrepreteur but cole hasnt really come close to dat of late and i expect dat from cole but u tellin me dat dis schoolboy q kendrick collab wuld get more likes and have more appeal den a cut wit say j.cole wale blu and nas i doubt it shyt cole was dubbed da next nas on da underground street level while schoolboy q is still virtually a unknown to those away from da blogs honestly…

  • DQ


  • Bjanswers

    Well, BounceB, this IS a blog and thousands of people visit it every day. So when a dope song (THIS ONE) drops everyone who sees it is gonna give it a thumbs up… Unless, they have shit in their pants.

  • theBroKing

    seriously this song is decent but it does NOT deserve the amount of thummbs up it has, it did not make that big of an impact to deserve anything close to that amount of likes. seriously its either glitching or schoolboy q has 3k different computer going on lol OR the more likely answer – shake and meka are doing it themselves.

  • wtf they paid 2dopeboyz

    also shake people arent hating on you or meka… they are just speaking their mind stop thinking that everyone has a vendetta against you guys. also you ever think that they had a vendetta cause you guys talk so much ignorant shit all the time?

  • Teeamo

    Stop that “switch IP/refresh page” shit ! I see you lurkin’, Kendrick !

  • factormax

    fuuuck yeah. this beat is the dopest shit ive ever heard. these black hippy producers need some more shine.

  • BounceB

    but im sayin its been plenty of other dope songs by other nyggaz the blogs love ie jay kanye j. cole wale drake nas xv shyt even kendrick and it hasnt come close i dnt even think n dis span of time dat many nyggaz culd like if it was 3 or 4 days later den i wuld say ok but if u honestly dnt belive its no tampering den good 4 u but u wrong i know schoolboy is dat nygga but i expect somewhere n da range of 800 to about 1500 likes

  • yo answer me this shake.. how can this site have 5000 likes and close to 100 comments yet rapradar has barely 13 comments on the same exact song/??? shit just doesnt add up. now fall back like your hairline and put the likes back to normal

  • SonictheHogans

    damn this nigga was waiting on a comment..which means he was sitting here reloading this page..get the fuck on homie, I say something about fuck boys and he takes it as personal..must mean you are one…anyways, stay blessed my niggas.

  • Add

    Just one word “DOPE”

  • @ScottyBoomBoty

    First off #HnC is going to be crazy, and this song has been on repeat repeatedly.

    Second, you cats are all dumb as fuck. If you clear the history on your internet browser you can hit the like button as many times as you want. I thought Bloggers were suppose to be tech savvy. Na you niggas is stupid.

    Oh, and TDE RUN L.A.

  • daniel

    nobody never said the song wasnt dope all im sayin is the next time kanye,jay-z,kid cudi or some other great artist put out a track it better get 7,000 likes.

  • BounceB

    @lawl da only reason it has 100 comments is bcuz erryone is in awww by how many likes it has..if it had so many likes den why is erryone in aww by da likes bcuz errybody aint like i have not clicked like once n im sure dere are other nyggaz like me..n im a schoolboy q fan i mite be more hype 4 HC den Section.80 but im jus keepin real like Q wuld want me 2 and its 2 many likes ijs…

  • yupp…

    aint that hard to refresh and press the thumbs up over and over…
    somebody wit wayy too much time on their hands
    anywyas this shit is fire…

  • factdo

    theres so many likes on this site because 2dopeboyz is headquarters for black hippy stanning. everybody on rapradar is dumb as fuck and is only gonna give likes to ross and wayne.

  • IslandKid

    lol i just thought.. read the first 30 or so comments. i can easily see the same guy sitting behind his computer writing all of those. its has to be a fix theres no way this can have so many thumbs up #justsaying

    i mean it is good.. but not THAT good. TDE paid for this in my opinion. or else theyre doing it themselves which is very likely as so many of the comments seem to be like those top commenters on youtube tryna advertise their page

  • marty mcfly

    If you believe this mediocre song got like 5000 likes in just a few hours then you just crazy. COMEONSON ya’ll acting like this shit is Exhibit C or something. Stop it

  • A


    This is so beyond retarded, nobody can think this is true right?

    lol you must think we’re all dumbasses 2db we all know kendrick posts get inflated numbers but that’s just fucking ridiculous.

  • @ScottyBoomBoty

    Like it. Clear your history and Like it again

  • TDE Pays 2dopeboys very well. Kendrick Lamar = Michael Jordan, Shake = Ahmad Rashad. Got em in pocket


  • TheKidHimself

    Q I just gave you over 200 likes. I think you owe me a signed copy of HnC.

  • Ab soul Part was dope tooo!!!!

  • scott

    Fuck how many likes it has …deadass how old are yah? just enjoy the fuckin music

  • grandmofftyler

    Likes and conspiracies aside, when does the c-section ever agree on the quality of a track like it has with this shit. when it’s this good who gives a fuck. TDE

  • swag

    rappers on blog payroll:exhibit A

  • Achilles

    Dope track, Kendrick’s cadence is really unique on this one

    check this out

  • roxybxoyxot-in

    im skeptical about the number of likes, but regardless this is one of the best songs i’ve heard in the last few months (besides dat souja boy of course……………..)

  • HiiixPower

    fuck all this numbers talk. just appreciate the track for what it is. Q and K.Dot both have dope verses (with a GREAT message) ..but damn kendrick is really on another level. if you your not awake to his talent your naive and ignorant and just cant comprehend what he’s saying

    TDE or Walk into the middle of oncoming traffic.

  • SouLeater

    You guys are clowns. People who come to this site are into underground and “real hip hop’. After Section.80 Kendrick Lamar is pretty much the hottest thing in Hip Hop right now. 2dopeboyz visitors love this s*** . HiiiPower is at 4k likes and that was before S.80 even dropped. We aren’t checkin for s*** like Ross and Weezy. We listen to Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big KRIT ETC.

  • I agree with @HiiixPower. Just Enjoy The S#*! nuccas nuff said.

  • PropProper

    Check out my dude Kinnley’s first mixtape! PROPAGANDA PROPER!!!

  • Rojo

    q is rising as one of my favorites in Top Dawg..west coast young cats r really comin up forreal

  • king will

    almost 5000 likes in less then a day. that must be some sort of record

  • Black Hippy

    Q = Soul = Rock = Kendrick

  • Mike

    damm its gonna hit 5000 likes with less than 50 dislikes. crazy.
    Like dis shit too putting it on replay excited for HnC


    Heard this man for the first time this song is dope listening to Setbacks its dope and now cant wait 4 the mixtape

  • yeahhhhh

    There was another Schoolboy Q post that got something like 3000 DISlikes a while back… man what is going on?

  • Black Hippy Bitch

    Fake numbers are fake. This shit got the most votes all time in 1 day…cmon son

    TDE run LA though

    Q >>>

  • DayO

    I liked it 30 thousand times… Hasn’t counted those yet =(

    Y’all mad.

    TDE got the belt

    Actin like the coast ain’t been this hard since PAC DEATHROW N DR DRE.

  • ichiro

    pretty good song…dont see what all that fuss is about

  • TOrrent911dd

    crazy beat got me high
    lyrics forward moving amazing lyrics
    flow is god like
    2012 hip hop guys

  • Kendrick Lamar ripped this…

  • realtalk©

    I just pressed the thumbs a couple times just to annoy you fuckheads.. enjoy the fucking song you bichasniguz

  • Young Wiz..

    Does anyone have any comments about the song.? From 1 to 10 what do y’all rate it. ? Are we just going to talk about up’s & down’s all fucking day. Damn you people need real lives or sex or money because your to upset.

  • hahahah nikkas is tight about likes in,this website

  • electrotherapy

    who the fuck cares about the likes/dislikes? this shit is incredible.


    haha the fuck, when the hell did likes start to matter?

  • TooFadedOG

    HnC is going to be dope as fuck. Q been showing improvement ever since he first showed up on my radar. TDE is killin’ shit right now!

  • hardy

    Guys.. its a glitch. get over it. fucking hipsters

  • Sabotage

    thats SHAKE fuck with thumbs nigga i know



  • Real Nigga

    Are yall niggas really hating on the amount of likes it got!? I swear niggas complain just to complain man. Just listen to the music should of left all that hating bullshit in 2011.

  • Thakidd12

    5000 likes? goddamn, thats a new fucking record

  • Chris_Zurcher

    All the likes had everything to do with it remaining on the first page all day (I think it was moved up once) so if people visit it twice and its still there they will just vote again. Plus alot of people were off yesterday

  • Yung

    I don’t like the delivery from Kendrick on this ish. He has went harder on way more tracks then this. Schoolboy still ain’t doing it for me lyrically….and his delivery still garbage.

  • this is some new ish i been waiting for..

  • k1nggeorge

    No sophmore slump, expect nothing less than a classic

  • mal

    “most of you niggas actin like hoes”

  • mrsupermagic

    beefin’ about likes?? y’all obviously don’t get the point of the song man: NONE OF THAT BS MATTERS. But that second verse was deep Q. Personal thank you for that man.

  • realtalk©

    i just gave it another thumbs up just because i can

    you know what sparked the biggest rise in likes? all these bitches complaining about how many likes it has..

  • 9Uknow

    they got they’re likes cuz they shared this link on their Facebook.
    cmon son

  • Teeamo

    LOL! This is still going ?

    For the Soul- and RNB Heads:

    Check Germany’s ( if not even Europe’s ) best Soul singer…

  • hardy

    ^ I’m from Germany and never heard of that guy. slow down son

  • i thumbs it down even though its pretty good just because its obvious someone is pushing this harder then it needs to be pushed. Let your success come organically your pretty dope schoolboy you dont need to pay off this blog to pump your ish. SMH

    TBH this track is just like the new cudi people saying its soooo dope even though they know it isnt. Its a good track dont get me wrong but this isnt some biblical shit. Calm your ass down the year just started some classic ish will drop this just ain’t it. This might make it in the ipod for a bit but it aint staying there forever. Chillax already n stop paying these bloggers to make it seem like your ish is the dopest shit ever when it ain’t.


    @9uknow it only got 545 total FACEBOOK likes from Kendrick’s and Q’s fbook pages combined.. that isn’t the reason.

  • Andra

    song slapps hard stuck in my head

  • JAyP

    LMFAO shake please stop the c section these niggas are getting out of control this shit is funny OMG I just refreshed and it got 200 more likes GASPS!

    LMFAOOO I hope these aren’t grown ass men!

  • illicitly ill

    To me this is like a perfect sequel to Birds and the Beez, like Kendrick kinda pleading with Q to stay outta trouble and stick with music. Fucking dope song. Absolutely can’t wait for HnC. TDE keeps me buying albums.

  • MAK


  • illuminati behind thumbs up. i betcha niggaz

  • The way Q flows on this track reminds me of how DMX used to spit. Especially the way he flows and tells the story at the same time. Sick.

  • prolog

    Strang music and TDE put it dwn….

  • Phumelela

    Kendrick Lamar wyting 4 that album niggah, aftermath it’s where it’s @.

  • bylo+

    Lol, better support him on he only has 100000 plays…

  • lucidity

    I play this song for the ab soul bridge..nigga jus gets all emotional