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  • DR

    Ayo, i been to the dominican republic & even toured the Brugal factory...that shit ain't half bad. that Presidente beer is ALL they drink, pretty good too. fuck the booze tho, the females there are top notch!

    gotta DL this just for the memories alone!

  • Sam

    Brugal is the equivalent to SPLITS! I CANT GET ENOUGH of them! Both are cheap and DEF get the job done!!! CHECK IT http://bit.ly/Ar2CIm

  • Tone Riggz


  • TruckChimi

    This go hoard. Deez niggaz laying down la pela on these beatz. Dios Patria Libertad.

  • http://www.twitter.com/passportjase DrJase

    what they need to rhyme about is that Mamamajauana, my recent trip to DR wouldna been shit if it wasnt for that drink!

  • albertPullzhoes

    best shit i've heard in a minute. think i actually would have paid for this. the wait is on for the full length now