brandUn DeShay – World Famous f. Sir Michael Rocks (Video)

blame it on Meka January 4, 2012

brandUn’s All Day DeShay is out now. Quiet as kept, he’s become one of my favorite producers lately.

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  • factormax

    dude needs to stay behind the boards. hes too corny to rap. that OF beef lines pretty slick though haa

  • someguy

    “OF beef. i live that.”

  • realtalk©

    “featuring Sir Michael Rocks” means a 1 sec cameo?
    He really needs youtube views bad huh?

  • JuiceCrewAllStar

    Reppin’ the Point! Hyde Park!

  • fatboifresh

    Brandun deshay dope I been listening to his music since vol 3 one of the most underrated cats out keep doing ya thang son…

  • fatboifresh

    He should drop a joint mixtape with Casey veggies rockie fresh n quest..

  • Charles

    hella misleading dog. he does make crack beats and should stick to that shit

  • tompetty

    so tired of hipsters acting like they skate. i know its an old debate. but this kid just made it look lame as ever. point a to point b itch.

  • brian cozzi


  • Loved it! I’m really a big fan of your work, keep doing what your doing #AllDeshay

  • rapfan

    stop hating people. give him his due. seems genuine if you ask me. genuine rap. ha

  • atm

    dope ass video man … u gone make it man

  • he’s a dope rapper and producer..say somethin.!

  • Gilp

    One of the best undiscovered rappers AND producers out there. This video proves that.

  • If you’d stop worrying about his beef or whether or not he’s a good skater and just listen to the music….

  • Mr. Coolish

    Stop the hating, you kno this nigga is a dope producer and rapper.

  • fatboifresh

    I would quote jayz n renegade but fuk it let dude get some shine yall listen to of strictly of them being popular hope dude make the xxl freshman cover

  • Not important

    Wow.. I just REALLY am not feeling this?.. 164 people are though.. Beat and Rhymes are corny and the the entire ‘sakteboard’ culture thing is throwing me way off this dude. Essh..

  • He has worked and produced with Mikey, and casey!
    Nigga’s need to stop hating since he helping the culture of skateboarding and real hip hop.

    Stfu sometime and ride to this shit. it’s dope. i even got a track produced with brandun, cause he a real muhfuggin G