araabMUZIK, Sean C & LV For The MPC Renaissance (Video)

blame it on Meka January 5, 2012

Named after Q-Tip’s 2008 album, the latest addition to the MPC family debuted a commercial with some of its more known users playing around with it. By “playing,” of course, I mean crafting something vicious.

  • Still not fucking with maschine

  • tompetty

    ^^^HAHA i was thinking the EXACT opposite. like damn, akai just shat on the maschine!


    still not fucking with a maschine, in the right hands. there, you left that part out. a maschine in the hands of a retard will do the same if not less than an MPC. this unit looks sexy, but what’s it retail for?

  • complan

    Gonna blow my entire scholarship on one of these, FUCK IT!