• CatStevens

    Drique killed this!

  • directdrive

    i dont understand why this would be a first single. dudes barely on his own track... he doesnt even come in until the 2:40 mark and when he does the cadence is WACK! i love chuuwee but that shit is terrible son. sound like your on some good drugs. but after that lil 8 bar intro he murders it..... for 8 bars? i want to like this cat but he keeps making ammature mistakes. terrible cover arts... bad mixes... wack cadences. its half dope half stupid. which makes sense if he wants to get that mac miller fanbase.

  • mikeice

    Damn Carbin has Bars. he was first right?

  • grs

    @directdrive ... couldnt have said it better myself

  • James D

    This is dope.

  • http://www.olbg.com/?tx11653 Epic

    Chuuwee to blow in 2012.

  • ad916

    @mikeeice yep Carbin (@Carbin1000) was first! yikes

  • fan of hip hop

    need more chuu less features, and yeah, kinda shitty mix on his intro bars at 2:40