Luck-One – Farewell (Video)

blame it on Shake January 5, 2012

Is it ironic that the first time I’m hearing an actual record from Luck-One is while he’s announcing his unofficial retirement? Well… if that doesn’t deserve a late pass, then I don’t know what does. Regardless… sorry for the ZzZzZ and good luck on your future plans bruh..

  • BoyWiddaBeard

    One of the realest artists out.

  • alex

    shit, first time I’m hearing of him (n)

  • what other mixtapes has he dropped? I only have Beautiful Music that he did w/ Dekk…

  • Enlite

    Crazy…I just found out about Luck-One this week. Check out his video for “More”…pure hip hop perfection. Was waiting to see where his career was going.

  • saulgoode

    beautiful music is one of my favorite releases of the last few years. sad that he’s stepping away.

  • beautiful music. True Theory Outtakes. True Theory LP. King of the Nowrthwest…

  • Tanner

    WOW. Absolute fucking FIRE. CHeck out his last video too:

  • Roses

    You guys don’t understand. I live in Portland and it is nearly impossible to get some love from a hip hop stand point in a city that is known for indie rock etc. He’s been one of the most consistent and dedicated artists I’ve gotten a chance to see throughout the years and its just unfortunate that even after moving to Seattle and doing shows there didn’t quite get the jump-start he needed. Every single person I speak with that knows Luck’s music is a fan. I was greatly saddened when I heard this song a little while ago before the visuals. I’m hella proud that he has been representing for my city – The City of Roses, Portland Oregon.

  • Portland will come around when it comes to getting love from a hip-hop stand point. Look at Trox getting that 50 Cent “Big 10” placement, that’s big for the city. The West Coast is killing it right now either way, which is dope.

  • kidadonis

    Wow, that’s really sad because I heard about Luck-One when illroots posted beautiful music and I still bump Coolax to this day. I have been waiting for more and just found the true theory outtakes a month ago. He has so much talent and it sucks to see him walk away… Sad news.

  • B Criss

    Y’all been sleepin’. Do some more diggin’. You’ll definitely find more jewels by this cat.

  • Excellent song! One of my favorite NW artists.

  • levan

    Luck is the dopest rapper out of Portland right now. Here’s hoping to hearing more from him.

  • Luuuuuuuuuck-One!

  • To bad you all have been sleeping on this guy for so long, one of the realest to come out of the PNW in a while!

  • Luck – One is on Spotify

    Stop Sleeping on HIM.


  • LUCK ONE IS THE TRUTH!!! There is NO WAY that he is leaving hip-hop. Farewell maybe for now. Watch as he makes a spectacular comeback! I cant wait to see him Live in the rose quarter with Lupe Fiasco and Bun B on FEB 17th!!! Seventh Science yall!!! One!

  • King Tut

    i saw luck-one perform as the very, very first opener at a show a few years back… i’ve seen so many hip hop concerts and usually i just tune out the first few acts. but luck caught everyone’s attention, he blew away every artist for the rest of the night. he was better than the headlining act!

    this dude has been doing his thing for a minute and is one of the greatest out but has yet to be paid his dues. pick up his album and keep supporting him, maybe we can make his career last a little longer!!!


    Yeah Portland is slowly but surely gaining some attention for its Hip-Hop/Rap. It is scary how much talent there is in Portland from a musical stand point. Not only artists but producers. Like one of you said Trox got that joint on 50 cents new project, G_Force aka Calvin Valentine is an absolutely amazing producer. I’ve been keeping a close eye on producers and by chance had the opportunity to see a couple beat competitions and even some random dudes that I’ve never heard of before impressed me a lot. Excited to see what the future holds for Portland from both standpoints.