Mod Sun x G-Eazy x Meta - Rappin' A$$ Rappers

Produced by Adam Ivy.

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  • Valeria

    This song is beyond amazing.
    You know you can't resist the dance moves it makes you wanna show off!
    It's perfect.

  • Cousin Pete

    These bloggin ass bloggers finally posted some G shit! Dope.

  • Kileen

    I love hearing Mod's, Meta's and G's different styles on this song!
    So Legit!

  • Jeff

    this beat is ill. cant even describe what i like about it but i just love it.

  • Matt

    this is amazing!

  • Onacloud

    2dope. All 3 have different styles. I like the versatality.

  • Cameron

    This song is too sick yo! I could probably listin to this over and over for awhile

  • Alberto Isaiah Apaez

    Damn my BOY G-Eazy went hard like always!!xD

  • B

    You guys Killed it for real!! #Friendbase Wud up

  • dis wack

    did adam ivy jock bangladesh's steez or what?

  • rutgers


  • G-EAZY.

  • Mod Sun is amazing!

  • soph


  • lolohyer

    DAM G-EAZY. How are you does everyone not know your name. Your name is all over the south bay in Cali like in Fremont, Oaktown, and Newark. You gotta release a download for this soon. G-Eazy your like my hero man.

  • Closer2theSun

    G KILLS it.

  • Ryuk

    So...lots of new people posting for this song I see.

  • baytownblapper


  • Master Lee

    Mod Sun is dope. G-Eazy killed this for real. Who is he?

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  • hmmmmmmm

    i smell phony ass comments above from what i heard of this track.

  • new posters because they're finally showing love to somebody who's been killin his shit for the last 3 years really. new artist=new commenters.

  • Dope Beat. G-Eazy killed it...

  • Josh Santeusanio

    Hahahaha oh shitt, thats too steezy.. Hippy Hop is all we neeed

  • D.

    let Meta spit


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