• http://www.multiplehustle.com Allen Walker

    I wonder if he even knows Dennis Rodman or is just using his image to get exposure off another man...

  • onthereal?

    I wonder why ^ ur a fuckin idiot

  • juskwak

    why would you wonder some dumb shit like that? ^^ I guess i will have to listen and review this my self.

  • Sen


  • juskwak

    Initial thought: Sounds like a ASAP Rocky type shit!

    But that was just his voice and the first song i guess. All in all, I can dig this project. Being that he kinda brags about just starting to rap a year ago... I think that is what comes through sonically. This is the shit for somebody who just started. Im sure the next project will be much more to my liking.

  • DOPE the west needs somebody like him on the map.

  • MG

    this is dope

  • YoungGodOwlGang

    Ah shit my niggas on 2dopeboyz! Finally!

  • Niggasaurus

    Nelson waters is that shit!!! I fuck with this dude hard!

  • wordlife

    this nigga went off!! Does he have any more projects out?!?

  • Mr.green

    This shit mad DOPE !!

  • iNAKstayEDS

    WOOOOOOHHHHH!!! my guy flea is on tho

  • Dennis Rodman

    my nigga is on 2dbz!? bout fuckin time..

  • Purpshit

    Waters, Nelson is that nigga!