Nelson Waters – Pressed For Time (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka January 6, 2012

It’s late as shit, and I should be sleeping. Instead, I found myself listening to this project from West Coast-based artist Nelson Waters, at the behest of the homie Bananaclipse. Not bad, actually. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Sunday
2. Thinkin’ Of You
3. Jaguar Music
4. College vs. the Pros
5. Get Em’ High f. TooBad
6. Time Tells
7. Angelica
8. Neil Smith
9. Let’s Be Real f. TooBad
10. P.S.A.
11. Football
12. Guess What’s Next
13. I Don’t Live A Rap Life
14. Frostbite
15. Pressed For Time

DOWNLOAD: Nelson Waters – Pressed For Time (Mixtape) | Mediafire

  • I wonder if he even knows Dennis Rodman or is just using his image to get exposure off another man…

  • onthereal?

    I wonder why ^ ur a fuckin idiot

  • juskwak

    why would you wonder some dumb shit like that? ^^ I guess i will have to listen and review this my self.

  • Sen


  • juskwak

    Initial thought: Sounds like a ASAP Rocky type shit!

    But that was just his voice and the first song i guess. All in all, I can dig this project. Being that he kinda brags about just starting to rap a year ago… I think that is what comes through sonically. This is the shit for somebody who just started. Im sure the next project will be much more to my liking.

  • DOPE the west needs somebody like him on the map.

  • MG

    this is dope

  • YoungGodOwlGang

    Ah shit my niggas on 2dopeboyz! Finally!

  • Niggasaurus

    Nelson waters is that shit!!! I fuck with this dude hard!

  • wordlife

    this nigga went off!! Does he have any more projects out?!?


    This shit mad DOPE !!

  • iNAKstayEDS

    WOOOOOOHHHHH!!! my guy flea is on tho

  • Dennis Rodman

    my nigga is on 2dbz!? bout fuckin time..

  • Purpshit

    Waters, Nelson is that nigga!