Tony Williams – Blazin’ High f. Wale, Emilio Rojas & Macklemore

blame it on Shake January 6, 2012

Tony Williams enlists Wale and a couple (2)dope favorites for the latest leak off his upcoming mixtape, Some Of My Favorite Rappers Are Friends, dropping next Friday.

DOWNLOAD: Tony Williams – Blazin’ High f. Wale, Emilio Rojas & Macklemore (prod. Oddz.N.Endz)

  • j

    good shit from wale and rojas, macklemore kinda disappointed me. his verse was iight. he isnt the type of dude id want for 16 bars. he makes dope records on his own, but as a feature hes out of his element.

  • J-Large

    Mack mucked that. Wasn’t to into the beat. But dope overall

  • Nick

    Macklemore is the best part… Overall I’m not a huge fan of this though

  • J-Large


  • Phil

    Mack had the best part for sure.. Gonna fly by the rest of those guys in no time..

  • Nico

    mack totally goofed on this track, he’s definitely not the type of rapper for a track that doesn’t really have a serious subject matter, but where he can’t totally good off. still a nice song.

  • Jay

    Macklemore… DOPE. who is this guy lol i need to hear more of his shit. respect.

  • Nico

    goof off**

  • EL

    Personally, the homie Macklemore shined on this! Everyone else was pretty dope too

  • james

    i’m a massive fan of mack, but gotta say this ain’t his best verse

  • Cameron

    Ben a fan of macklemore since the before Language of My World. And for everyone who does know, thats the beginning. But this…. This was AWFUL… Give me the macklemore with some heart and soul… Not this sh*t

  • Cody

    whats wrong with yall..this is a good track. yeah mack isn’t in his best element but it’s still good

  • These comments don’t help anything haha. I’m trying to find out how Macklemore did since its still playing and half of them say he was really good and the other half said that he didnt do the best.

  • tdotnigga

    Maclemore was a let down on this but emilio ripped it

  • Lumarvl

    Macklemore “sounds” the best, with his flow/delivery. Of course lyrically he is at his best on emotional/story-telling tracks.

    VERDICT: Did great with this song style. Solid!

  • franko


  • Chaz

    Wale came through hard, overall thought the beat could’ve had a little more to it, but I dig the track. Macklemore is good and his bars were fine but the beat didn’t suit his usual flow and he sounded a little off par.

  • polarize

    Wow. the whole track is awful. I came here expecting hip hop because Macklemore is on the track but this is radio garbage. The hook and all the verses are weak as fuck. Just my opinion.

  • Black Thought

    Macklemore is my favorite artist but he has to feature on the right type of song for it to to work and this isnt it

  • Kristina

    Macklemore defiantly had the best verse. He defiantly was the best out of all, but everyone else did good too. Good job Macklemore! Macklemore is my favorite, but i like other songs from him than this one. Defiantly could use more beat.