• flavamonster


  • Ryan

    This is the best. Fucking awesome!

  • dizzy

    Pow! Dope as fuck.

  • Kat Van Dutch

    The best i've seen this year

  • dickie smits

    that dude got a hairy chest.

  • Burgers

    Love this video.

  • Howie Mandel

    Juan Deuce ringing in the NEW YEAR with some HEAT!!!! Love this video!!!

  • Lickity Shit

    First music video, then out of nowhere...TITS!
    Good rapping Juan Deuce.

  • bill

    Someone give this kid a contract!!! unbelievable video

  • Dr Boambatz

    This video is JUANderful.

  • peempin

    Juan Deuce is that dude. Best rapper out of New England right now.