NFL Playoffs, Who Y’all Got?

blame it on Shake January 7, 2012

While my Niners rest up for next week and Mek’s Eagles sit around and do nothing, it’s Wild Card Weekend! With the Bengals/Texans and Lions/Saints starting things off. Who y’all got today? Hit the c-section and discuss, debate and bullshit.. UPDATE: See y’all next week N O.

  • Kyle E.

    I think the Browns will win the Super Bowl. Great Team.

  • Yasser

    Saints baby. All the way. Who Dat!

  • J

    Lions need this game.

  • CedThaBoss on PS3 Network

    i gotta a HUNNIT LARGE on da LIONS tho…who tryna put sum $$$ up!!!

  • d easy

    Lions lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dEt0X2010

    Bengals got it!!! Lions lets do it!!!

  • yep

    Lions all the way. May the force be with them.

  • kd

    fuck em all. NINERSSSSS!

  • dre





    today though ima take the lions and the bengals

  • jac


  • 38

    im pissed im an eagles fan -_-

  • I got nothing! My opinion doesn’t count as a Bucs fan -______-

  • Lions all day!! Detroit!!!

  • Jdubz

    Packers all day! N don’t call me a bandwagoner, born n raised right outside of green bay, fan my entire life

  • Jdubz

    Yeah, didn’t read the entire post, but I got them for the superbowl, could give a fuck less about wildcard weekend.

  • t.bigums

    5 1 3 A L L D A Y !

  • scott

    ^ get yo bandwagon ass the fuck outta here

  • bladaoh

    DEEEETROIT!! Lions bout to show the saints whats good

  • The New York Football Giants mothersuckers.

  • gee dot que

    LIONS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT UP DOE?!

  • phrayzermusic

    LIONS! please listen to my new Lions Playoff song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGlM77vqOvs #DetroitBAck

  • Mike

    Saints over the Lions, Bengals upset Texans. Giants barely win over Atlanta, and Pittsburgh hold on over Denver Tebows. Saints vs Green Bay NFC Championship, winner will win the Superbowl.

  • Laccville

    For all you fools putting money down on the Lions: are you crazy?

  • Steel City.



  • PRalines

    I hail from GB but i really wanna see brees v rodgers. Everyones talking brees for MVP but rodgers’s TD-int differential is mindblowing

  • MEKANOMiCSx101

    @Steel City co-sign, big homie.
    i’m feeling green bay’s gonna choke this time too tho

  • panoble

    Even though TJ Yates is pretty garbage, Arian Foster & their D will be enough for Cincy. Watch out for AJ Green though. And I like the Lions a lot, but just not in this matchup. Brees is gonna light them up

  • Allllllll Day Son


  • WHAT!

    Yo Shake, your Niners are going down next Sunday. G-Men All Day!!!!!!!!! Go Big Blue!!!!!!!!

  • Oli

    Who Dat muthafucka!

  • BigD


  • Challenger

    Let’s go DETROIT!! You can catch me in downtown foolin today when we win the game!!

  • MegaTron

    Dtown all dayyyy

  • panoble

    anybody who thinks the 49ers can go all the way with Alex “Still A Scrub” Smith, is blinded by the red & gold glasses they have on

  • frankddank

    Dirty Mitten boy!!! Lions lets go!!!!

  • frankddank

    Dirty Mitten boy!!! Lions lets go!!!!!

  • boiwonda


  • 416

    Saints or the Pats. Stilll

  • niggastrynagetatmeeee

    cant wait to see lions saints but brees comin off a “who the fuck is dan marino” season and a “did i really fucking lose to the seahawks last year” mentality and a “i got my nigga named jimmy graham” position seems like hes gonna put up 60

  • Master Lee

    To be honest I think the Saints are going to win the Super Bowl. I want my Patriots to win though. All you guys picking the Lions over the Saints are you crazy? Did you see what happened the last time they played? Brees is going to light those niggas up yo for real. lol

  • yep

    haha great post^

  • AirMagicMamba

    D town go Lions!!

  • Falcons. . .

  • AnT


  • Trizzy

    Yall are sleeping on the TEXANS

  • WuTang4Eva

    Whoever said the 49ers can’t win with Alex Smith is fucking ignorant. Dude threw the fewest interceptions out of ANY starting QB this year. They got the best defense in the NFC and a hella good running game. As long as Alex Smith continues to protect the ball, like he has all season long, then we gooooooooooood. San Fran all day. Its boutta be a Harbaugh Super Bowl. Bah-lee-dat.

  • the realest

    niners and giants nfc, raven afc. simple as that. i will reference this after the superbowl to talk my shit.

  • 103


  • Oli

    Waits for excuses from Lions fans…

  • who dat sed dey gon beat dem saints?!

  • NFLguru

    giants/pats super bowl…youll see. im 4/4 on todays games against the spread and the over/unders. about to go 4/4 again tomorrow and bring home $5k!

  • Frank Gore

    Saints are done when they come to the bay. NINERS!

  • yep

    Lions frontline was awful couldnt stop the run

  • The Kid

    Ravens will win the AFC. NFC is up in the air. All 4 division winners have a shot but the Packers obviously have the advantage.

  • anti-band wagon

    idk if theres more of you fag bandwagon saints, 49ers, packers, steelers, patriots fans. most of ya never even lived 50 miles near ‘your team’s stadium’ but i do know saints have gayest slogan ever

  • my ravens bout to put in work on them texans

  • oceancrab

    nawlins’ baybayyy

  • kd


  • kd

    @anti-band wagon
    WTF, I live less than 50 miles, 34 to be exact to Candlestick, Home of my Niners..so what the fuck are you talking about. Probably a Jags fan or some shit feeling sorry for yourself..


    Broncos!! Its TEBOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • toro

    if you thought the texans was gonna lose, jump off a building right now, you dont know shit about football, texans gon beat the ravens fuck you kiss my ass

  • WuTang4Eva

    @retards I live in Springfield Missouri and I’ve been a 49ers fan my whole life. Before this I lived in Silver Spring Maryland. Still was a 49ers fan, so stfu with the bandwagon shit. I have never lived anywhere close to California and have always been a 49ers fan, so living within 50 miles has nothing to do with it you ignorant fuck.

  • TheJacka

    Steelers > Broncos
    Giants > Falcons

    49ers > Saints
    Ravens > Texans

    Steelers > Patriots
    Packers > Giants

    49ers > Packers

    Steelers > Ravens

    49ers > Steelers


    Saints>>>>>>>> all fuck all you pussies

  • anti bandwagon

    nah my team is in it im from nyc and nj and i can proudly say i dont live accross da country from my team. figures most band wagon fans would be 49ers fans since your local team sucks. kd youre an idiot for respondin. comment wasnt aimed to you. learn to read. wu-tang4eva youd prolly suck jerry rice n steve youngs cocks. ill put money on it you became a fan cuz of them. you clearly never lived near or in sf. you remind me of them late 80s 90s babies who ride 49er n cowboy band wagon cuz of their success at that time.. ill still be rootin for sf because i dont wanna see no in no..

  • Dre

    [email protected] barely win over falcons you must be retarded

  • The Los Angelas Texans over the Toronto Maple leaves in my opinion