B.o.B. & Fozzie Bear Recording Fist Pump (Video)

ATL minds connect when Waka Flocka and B.o.B link up in the studio to work on a new anthem titled, "First Pump". Can't say I ever saw them on a track together but this should prove to be an interesting collaboration.

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  • red


  • red

    I can actually see Bobby Ray flowing over this pretty well. I don't have high hopes for Waka though...

  • panoble

    No thank you..B.o.B is gonna be on that dumb it down status..and I'm pretty sure I've never listened to a full Waka Flocka song other than No Hands. Couldn't even make it through Hard In the Paint & Oooleeedoooooiiiiit

  • el rey

    A Grand Hustle x Bricksquad collab ? WTF is wrong in 2012 ? ...

  • who cares

    Smh I swear the more stuff I see for this new B.o.B album the more I don't want to hear it. Strange Clouds was terrible, and that song with Andre was decent. Now this?

  • Maga D

    I thought Waka was from Cali... hmm. Glad I didn't know though.


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