NFL Playoffs, Who Y’all Got?

blame it on Shake January 8, 2012

Day two of Wild Card Weekend is here folks. Steelers/Broncos, Falcons/Giants. Who y’all got? Discuss, debate and bullshit down bottom.

  • j

    I got the Giants and the Steelers. FUCK TEBOW

  • griffey

    yo dopehouse… i thought this was a hip hop site. not some fucking football site.. u fools are falling apart .. cmon grow outta the mainstream following trends stick to the goood music not shit ppl dont wanna here yall bump pooooooo music

  • Bo Jackson

    lets GOOOO Broncos and the Giants!!

  • illma5ic

    NINERS! but for today I’ll take the Falcons & Steelers

  • RSX

    Falcons > Victor Cruz

  • ant

    where does it say this is a hiphop site??????? where???? im looking….

  • Master Lee

    Giants and Steelers. Even God cant save Tebow today.

  • mrcarlita

    steelers are hurt but theres no way the broncos can win. and the falcons are gonna win a good one, matty ice

  • Haha. I always find it funny when folks come on here and try to be cool.



    i got white sox against blackhawks

  • WHAT!

    See you in Green Bay! NYG’z All Day!

  • paulv1luvfromthet-dot

    GIANTS ALL DAY BABY! Cruz, Jacobs, Manning LETS FUCKIN GO!!

  • Dre

    fuck falcons g-men victorious


    Puck Fittsburgh

  • Chicago

    I got Victor Cruz.

  • ralph

    Giants or 49ers for NFC east champs and Ravens will take the AFC if steelers fall in this game

  • ralph

    NFC champs I ment

  • DaTruth

    Heh, I love it when you and Meka come on your site and make snide, stupid remarks on your site. Only makes you two look like idiots.


    Stupid heads in here.. letmetellyoufuckisup
    Saints > Niners
    Ravens > Texans
    Packers > Giants
    Patriots > _(Insert all)_

  • Nuff

    head n shuldarz it workz

  • Master Lee

    God must really love Tebow. Doesnt matter though. God forgives, the Patriots dont. See you next week in Foxboro Tebow. Better bring your bible with you…

  • mr.mints

    God loves Tebow, but Brady is the nephew of Jesus.

  • (l,k)

    they won because tebow played great, not cuz of luck, fuck the haters. and it shouldnt have even been that close cuz the refs were fucking over the broncos

  • APE

    Falcons score 2 Points and Steelers loose to the Broncos. What a wknd.

  • donnyV

    saints SAINTS who dat

  • Frost

    Fuck Shittsburgh…

    That is all…

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  • Tesus Christ

    Sweet Baby Tesus….but seriously though not him….We look through shitty videos so you don’t have to. Come kick it with us at crappyrappers_com. #judgmentalshit

  • Thakidd12

    Ravens and Saints. Period.

  • JJ

    Heres the tim tebow story in a nutshell… lets take a good young qb and make him sound terrible so that when he does what he is suppose to do and win games he looks like a hero and an underdog.

  • JR

    Saints or Green Bay. More so on the first.