Rick Ross & Timbaland In The Studio

blame it on Miss_Peas January 8, 2012

Photograph of Rick Ross and world renown composer Timbaland in the studio working on music. Nas bodies the Rick Ross track off of his new project, now only if Nas had the ear for beats the same way Rozay does…

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  • SMH

    You are a fucking idiot for that comment about beats. How can Nas rip a fucking track if he can’t recognize the beat pattern. You stupid bitch. Stay in your lane, you don’t know shit about what you speak. And no one gives a shit about Ross or Timbaland, both are garbage as fuck.

  • Frank

    @smh sounds like you have something personal about miss peaas. did she dump you or something? you sounding hella shook.

    but i will say wtf does nas have to do with this story?

    can we get shake and meka back please? justice and miss peas are irritating.

  • T

    Miss_Peas, you stole that from Charlamagne tha God. You need to quit your little extra comments entirely. No one cares about your opinion, especially when you copy it from others.

  • lame

    i couldve sworn charlamagne tha god said the exact same shit.wow you guys think just alike.

  • AAA

    Seriously though, where did this idea that Nas has a bad beat selection come from. The beats on his albums have been up to standard with his lyrical ability.

    Also Just because Ross is in the studio with Timberland doesn’t mean that an amazing beat is going to be made. Timberland doesn’t exactly make a classic beat every time.
    No hate, just truth.

  • Master Lee

    Ya’ll niggas be hating heavy. Miss Peas keep doing your thing.

  • young nigga

    miss peas just wants to dickride and queensbridge MC she can, so she felt the need to include Nas in a post completely unrelated to him

  • I think it’s safe to say both Rick Ross and Timbaland’s music are out of shape, as reflecting as what you see in the pictures. Can we move on to better music now and quit arguing over whether or not these modern failures will make anything hot again? If they are willing to switch up their sound for once, I might be interested. But something tells me Rick Ross is going to sucker Timbaland into making a Lex Luger type track and then it’s just going to sound like complete commercialized bullshit. Pass.

  • Unstoppable

    meh, better not… nobody on this planet wants to hear Nasir on a Lex Luger-type beat

  • composer?

    lol @ timberland being called a ‘composer’.

    If you put a sheet of music in front of either of them they wouldnt know what the fuck is going on.

  • lance geneva

    timbaland is jesus.. and what the fuck does nas have to do with anything ? now I know why everyone hates miss peas..

  • Randy

    @composers? what does reading sheet music have to do with being able to compose music? you sound stupid. I guess you also think you have to perform classical music in order to be a composer as well right? smh

  • ChiCho

    LMFAO!! Ross has the worst ear for beats. The beats in the mixtape are plain, repetitive, and played out. Most Over rated Rapper alive

  • bstyles

    I don’t wanna hear nas over fuckin commercial beats so fuck you conformist biatch

  • bstyles

    Not to mention it sounds like same drum tracks on the entire mixtape

  • OG626


  • Jus Sayin

    Nas doesn’t have an ear for beats? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNMzhKRqHZU&feature=fvst; Get this bitch out of here

  • toozle

    ^ garbage beat, your bitch ass should get the fuck out

  • Zealand

    Nas beat selection is horrible. Mostly everything after It Was Written has been mediocre.

  • hustle20NE

    i wish nas would do another record like made ya look or thief’s theme!

  • Frank

    dropping a random link to one nas song with a decent beat doesnt mean or prove anything. people aren’t saying he’s never rapped over a dope beat. but if you look over his catalogue and albums of music its clear that choosing beats are not his strength. like, some of the beats he’s chose are HORRENDOUS. That’s why he hasnt had as many hits as other rappers in his league (pac, jay, big, em). pac was on the same level as nas except his ear for beats was impeccable. that’s what set him apart. nas’ songs just aint as well put together. its nothing to get defensive or sensitive over its not a diss its just a fact.

  • marty mcfly

    I dont know why Nas wont just do the album with Premo cause its like no possible way that record would fail. Every Nas fan on earth would get that album like the first second it comes out cause the pure sound of them two together is priceless. When Nas picks his own beats from a bunch of different people it just doesnt do his lyrics justice.

  • AAA

    Am I missing something? cause last time I checked, the beats on the Nigger album were legendary……

  • bigswoosh

    Nas could put out an album full of acapella’s and still shit on Officer Ricky.

  • Randy

    ^ actually nas put out an acapella song on hip hop is dead called hope cause ross had made a track with the same sample (maybach music) and ross’ track shitted on both the acapella and the version with the beat. so please shut the fuck up. clearly you got shit between your ears

  • ..;

    The main reason why he doesn’t sell records is because people can’t relate to him
    He doesn’t connect with his fans
    He doesn’t ever keep it real and show the real him and people can see that
    It’s all entertainment with him (Over The Top)
    The only real things his fans know about him are the things he is ashamed of and didn’t want to come out
    It’s quite sad really a grown 35 yr old man with children acting like a kid in school
    His fan base is teenagers who are young and confused and he takes advantage of them
    They are like abused women who still stick up for their abusive husbands even after all the lies and beatings

  • Jus Sayin

    @toozle NY State of Mind is one Premo’s best instrumentals ever. If you think that beat is garbage then I’ll leave you to your Flacka, French Montana and Future home boy. Pen Miss_Peas that love letter you’ve been meaning to while you’re at it

  • bigswoosh

    U STFU ^^ Clearly you got shit on your dick for fucking Rozay up the ass.

  • Jus Sayin

    Check out all 6 Lost Tapes and try to argue Nas doesn’t have beat selection. He just never compromised and chose to rap almost exclusively on beats with similar backgrounds like Ross did on Self-Made

  • Jus Sayin

    @bigswoosh You clearly didn’t even read my comments. I don’t even like Rick Ross. I don’t like ex-correctional officers that pretend to move weight and get rich off it. Real MCs don’t need to make up their bars

  • reallydog

    I’ve repped for Nas for a long time, and the only reason why he’s not considered GOAT is because of his beat selection. This is an unquestioned hip hop fact. Why all the hate on Miss Peas? Nas had some pretty good beats on his projects but he was SO close to being the one but he never had THAT beat – a one more chance, big pimpin, how do you want it. He had the same subject matter and equal rhymes, just on worse beats that didn’t get airplay.

  • Jo El

    Timbaland sucks ass…and always has, with the exception of some R&B tracks he made for Aaliyah way back when and Nelly Furtado type stuff. Please stay away from rap.