Trae Tha Truth – I’m On f. Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale & Wiz Khalifa (Video)

blame it on Shake January 9, 2012

Speaking of Trae, OS just put up a new video for his feature-heavy single from July.

  • lol

    Yay Lupe on 2dopeboyz again even if its just a feature lol hahahahaha.

  • lol

    This video is pretty cool

  • J.E.T.S.

    Yo I aint heard Wiz Get OFF like that in a looooooooooooong time.

  • “Yay Lupe on 2dopeboyz again even if its just a feature lol hahahahaha.”

    there has been plenty of features where we include him. im not gonna knock someone else for working with him. we just dont support HIS music.


    Lupe Thumbs up. The rest. Rap doesn’t look to good if that’s the future.

  • NoName

    and I hope tht justify those lupe stans stop the complaining abt his musik not being posted every other post theres always tht one smh but besides all tht mess this goes


    And Big Boi always sucked.

    His biggest hit and all you remember is the hook and the chick with the fat ass. He was in the way.

  • b1tcha$$n1gga

    You on some funny shit Shake. Not gonna knock on people for working with someone you don’t like for whatever reason, but deleting all the Tyler features from Tracklists and that birdsh*t thing. It’s your blog, you can do what you want with it, but stand by your decision and don’t get all hypocritical on us.

  • ^^ ive never once deleted tyler from a tracklist. there’s more then one person running the site.

  • T-Dot


    SHAKE u r the man


  • g shaka

    Lupe? Uh yeah he’s great and all but damn when have you heard a track with this many random features and EVERYBODY comes with heat? I swear I played this shit 30 times in a row when i first heard it…shit kinda takes you back a lil bit when rap was about skills and purpose. I love this song, well done Trae!

  • T

    Lupe is an over-opinionated bitch and Tyler is just a gimmicky faggot. Glad they don’t get love on this site. Thank you Shake.

  • b1tcha$$n1gga

    I thought that’d be the case, but I didn’t bother to check it. You win this round Shake.

  • mads

    I just don’t like how you support Gucci Mane and a whole host of ignorant/wack/soft/gimmickey rappers but won’t support someone with actual skill whose bringin’ something to our culture… it just makes no sense

  • Lupeeee

    yes lupe haha
    yea lupe all day

  • Astronaut

    @SHARKSBREATH…. Big Boi sucked huh??? Get off Andre’s Tip. Stop saying dumb shit in 2012…

  • McNyce

    i was actually impressed by Wiz’s verse.

  • Brooklyn Bodega, Timbs & 40’s

    Shake is still bitter at Lupe? Yo b, wtf is this a kindergarten? Holding a grudge over some bs towards another dude when your older than 20 is just frivolous b. C’mon grow a pair of nuts homie.


  • CainMadeThisAble

    RIP Clip D!

  • Master Lee

    This was dope. Everyone came hard on there verse. Shake why no love for Lupe on the site? Did he say something about you?

  • Cam

    @master lee

    I hate when new motherfuckers come on the site asking questions ou of the blue. Dont worry what happen with lupe if you wasnt here from the start then you dont need to know.

  • Electrotherapy

    Yall heard about that Lupe Fiasco x Pharrell joint album tho? 2/3 of CRS now only kanye missin and my life is complete.

  • dopeboy

    Lupe killed everybody on the track Lupe and Wale came with the dope bars the rest were meh….

  • ZePequeno

    Did Lupe go at Waka with his “sware they go hard, but they so jello in the paint” line??

  • VJ

    Dope. Wale & Lupe killed it. Big Boi was pretty okay and I ain’t heard Wiz spit like that since K&OJ. I’m not too fond of Trae though, speak up dude, damn.

  • K.B. Rosewood

    6 words i thought i’d never say “Wiz to had the best verse”

  • steve

    If they woud have let zRo on this he would have set everybody straight. His albums have been shit lately but he still has it in him to wreck shit.

  • Token

    I like the Return of the Mac sample.

  • yep

    Anyone have an mp3 of this shit?


    Post of the Year!

  • Truefax

    Yeah, well, I don’t like Wiz, but he went in on this one. Props, he needs to get his lyrical consistency above weed and how he got rich and he can easily get to top 5 of new generation, right now… just middle.

  • Think Like Ya Enemy

    Always hated Big Boi and Outkast. Wale’s cool sometime. Wiz is Wack. But I been bumpin this shit since this Summer. Somehow Wiz and the other scrubs made it work. Good job guys