• Pops

    And no d/l link? Excellent...

  • Nookz89

    Yeah def need a d/l link

  • seriouslywow

    This is your 2dope to sleep on? these guys? ... with all the crazy dope rappers you guys overlook on the regular, this is your newcomer? You guys really are out of touch these days. Have to be. wow.

  • ianism

    ^^ what the fuck you talking about? this is damn excellent. get some fucking variety in your life.

  • reza

    this is poor

  • who cares

    It's not bad. It's not amazing, but it's far from terrible. Has a very relaxed vibe to it. Only listened to "Oblivion" completely so far, it's all good till they pick up the speed and she's kind of yelling into the mic. 1 minute into "Pieces" and I gotta say I prefer this one over the previous

  • thedude

    dope music. although, i cant help the fact that they look like the cast of a horrible ABC show about high school teachers or some shit

  • jtherapy

    They ared dope.If you diggin this shit shake. You need to peep KING or Quadron!!!

  • http://fashionably-early.com Trixx

    Some of the dopest shit you guys have ever posted. It's a damn shame if you can't branch away from hip hop and dig this. If you can't you aren't a fan of music.

  • emac117

    Ya, I'd have to say this is very well done.

  • GeeZuP

    I diggin this they sound similar to little dragon but with a lil more soul

  • Lizama

    It's dope. But I don't see the point in listening to a song without being able to download it.

  • Energetikk

    agrees with ianism.. don't be scerrhd just cuz it ain't gangztah! ;)

  • Wade

    fuck, this song pieces is making me melt

  • Wade

    there is absolutely nowhere to download this on the internet. shit.

  • http://mostlyjunkfood.com marc

    just came here to say that Tunji is the realest dude I know and anything he emails me warrants an instant post on my site

  • Andres

    go to the soundcloud links for each song and paste the url into http://offliberty.com/ to download them.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake


    yessir. well aware of both.

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