• Nilla



  • Lou Moening

    This is RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • MilesFlames

    THIS SHIT IS SICK!!!!!!!

  • Model V

    kills it!!!

  • Joel

    This is amazing. Why don't I know more about this guy?! He's about to be famous, thats for sure.

  • felix

    New lifetime fan right here. I hear this cat on a lot of Brown Bag stuff, he kills cuts and dope remixes AND makes amazing solo music....DAMN!

  • Tanner

    Thiz dude iz cray !!! WOW

  • johnny

    Blown away.

  • Ron

    one of the most underrated artists out there.
    creative, innovative, talented.

  • http://patlazo.com PLazo

    Great vid. Track is dope!

  • http://www.duzzdownsan.com Testa

    dope video, dope track!!!

  • Shaun

    DJ Brace... reinventing the wheels of steel!!!

  • jefferson

    I bought the album an hour ago - lets just say this thing will be on repeat for months to come. So good!

  • Simon

    I love every second of this video, I can't wait for the next one, this artist is amazing!

  • DJ Polarity

    The boy Brace with kickin it fresh with the cuts. I'm with it.

  • phil

    yo this shit it illllll!!

  • DJ Polarity

    The boy Brace kickin it fresh with the cuts. I'm with it.

  • danny

    wohaaa! my head just exploded! its awesome!

  • joel

    Instrumental beats arent usually my thing, this IS.

  • http://www.kauffmanndesign.ca Seb

    not only is the music great but when a bunch of extremely gifted people work together it's becomes the best gift one can ask for

  • dlemm


  • gman


  • http://www.twitter.com/djmisskittie DJ Miss Kittie

    I <3 his remixes on the BBAS double cd. This video is amazing..

  • Emi

    that's totally AWESOME ! ! !

  • Katy

    Handsome and Talented!