Donnis – Snack Pack v.1

blame it on Shake January 10, 2012

To help re-introduce himself to 2012, the ATLien is bringing back his Snack Pack series. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a package that contains two new songs, artwork and a visual. Check out Wanna Be Bad down below, hit the jump for a preview of Hoes and grab the entire package here.

  • Donnis > everything the dopehouse has been posting today yes yes yes

  • og-eazy

    I was just talking yesterday about how this guy fell off the map

  • Your Father

    This dude really wasted time.
    If you ask me he should have released Southern Lights as his album.
    Dropped the ball, for real.

  • @Your Father I agree cause Southern Lights could’ve put donnis out there with the rest of the new school instead of getting left behind…but DONNIS IS STILL DOPE

  • theoneofmany

    @yourfather @marzncharge thats what happens when u r signed to a major label…nothing.

  • Your Mom

    @Your Father.

    Agreed, Southern Lights would’ve been a very solid first album.

  • Your Mom

    And if anyone starts to think I twisted dudes name up, I didn’t. Been using this for a while now.

  • elloseventysix

    Donnis needs a new manager! He did his thing on that Dj Benzi mixtape. Got himself a deal at Atlantic… got on a commercial (footlocker? adidas?..i dunno)…and then disappeared! I think he went on tour with Travie McCoy…. but that was like early in the year. I really hope he’s been on the studio grind.. because these days… you can’t disappear for 7 months.

  • that guay

    I would like to download the snack pack vol 1&2 (2009) but links are down

  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitchsj

    I follow dude on twitter & didn’t know he had new music out til he retweeted someone else talking about snack pack part 2.

  • aHometownHero

    wanna be bad is tough though. donnis has alot of potential to be a mainstream success