Joe Cool – I Wanna Sell Drugs (Video)

blame it on Shake January 10, 2012

Ahh yeah… this is smoooth. I love shit like this man. That type of music that you can’t help nod your head to. Cooley High, January 19th!

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  • thatdude

    finally the video. solid low budget concept, I dig it. I look forward to that release.

  • GeeZuP

    This track makes me wanna sell drugs!!!

  • Yo this Joe Cool cat is hella cool….I’ll keep coming back to 2dopeboyz as long as I can keep seeing Joe Cool!!!!!

  • BackByPoplularDemand

    REALIST Shit ever wrote!!

  • Lilwayneymcbm

    This shit on point Joe Cool > Drake

  • Desean

    Im from Texas I’ve been following this dudes career its about time 2dopeboyz showed him love. please continue!

  • Tony

    Joe Cool is a Beast! Supercookies what up

  • bigl

    Thhis Dude is dope! I hope he make xxl freshman

  • Damon


  • diplomatsfan

    ma nigha joe go hard! on me supercookies

  • blockbeta

    This da street anthem

  • tharocboyz

    Dude need to be on XXL!!!

  • 2chainz

    G SHIT!!!!!

  • plainpat

    My dude on his way

  • Darko

    Dope Very Dope. The honesty is fresh not too many rappers writing stuff like this

  • EC

    Shouldve gotten on that XXL cover

  • easy

    Joe Cool > Kendrick Lamar

  • j

    ^ u trippin lol

  • C.Paul

    This song is a great embodiment of the flaws of a capitalist education system, and how some people are FORCED to create an income through illicit means. The economically oppressed are victimized after they have tried everything and pursued the freedom and dreams that a free market gives them. I applaud to you.

  • Scuba

    ehh! this joint was iight. I’m gonna be checkin for this cat.

  • alex

    dope…..^^^^”easy’s” trippin hard though

  • killacam

    This dude is cold

  • Jeezylover

    Man I hope people don’t sleep on this nigga this year, he’s a beast! STRAIGHT UP!

  • Wiff!

    this is dope. sometimes i want to sell drugs too. its the easy way out. @C.Paul your an ignorant and i pray you wake up.

  • Lysol

    yall must be delusional. this wont be no xxl freshmen. this shit terrible, generic, all kindsa forgettable.

  • Ricky

    This dude @lysol trippin. you probably one of them turn my swag on listenin ass niggas lmao

  • Lyriceater

    Kinda reminds me of Kendrick voice wise.


  • SwagUpDown

    Follow @JoeFnCool and get #CooleyHi ! #Support