• pros2ill

    interesting...very interesting .

  • Randy

    there was no in depth look at flashing lights which is what i was kin of looking forward to the most. great footage though

  • imdatnihhag

    this is classic shit right here... is that big sean helping write champion???

  • easty808

    Huge Ye fan. That was some nice footage. Was hoping for more Ye/Jay in it, but still dope nonetheless

  • Woody

    i would like to hear Big Brother with that original beat, sounds to me like it was a little harder than the finished product.

  • livelovelearn

    @imdatnihhag, I saw that too! but that can't be him can it? Sean said he met him outside detroit and he freestyled his way into a deal. damn unless thats all fake.

  • Talia

    Yes, thats Big Sean! He probably was still a teen too. He been with Ye for awhile, thats dedication. I wonder if he got credited for helping with writing Champion tho.

  • MonroeMarley

    Sean spit for Ye when he was at radio station promoting Late Registation which would've been 04, Graduation didn't drop til 07…so Sean was already signed to G.O.O.D.

  • Chea!

    I swear alot of brand new artist plan and mold out what they're gonna do before making any videos or getting songs "out there"..good example is T.D.E.