Maino – Predictions 2012

blame it on Shake January 10, 2012

Things start off just as they did for the past few years, but quickly change up as Maino focuses all his psychic energy onto himself for 2012.

DOWNLOAD: Maino – Predictions 2012

  • T

    Physic energy?

  • damn auto-correct haha

  • 38

    drop yooooo album mainooooooooooooooooo

  • Pops

    why so many thumbs down? This shit goes hard as soon as that 2nd beat drops. Maino is stupid underrated. If Tomorrow Comes was criminally slept on.

  • Sai

    Best thing I’ve heard from Maino since his last Album.

  • John

    real niggas always get hate from the new generation of fans from the burbs who listen to drake and william