Prof – Gampo (Video)

blame it on Shake January 10, 2012

Directed by Adam J Dunn.

The intro off Prof’s King Gampo LP gets the visual treatment. Stophouse!

  • Hazel Ann

    YAY SHAKE! <3 prof forever.

  • mattarl

    how my pinky ring got my shoes mad?

  • Herff Jonez


  • Che

    …I only clicked to see the girl with the bra.

    After clicking and listening, this is pretttttty pretty wack. Its pop-single-Eminem minus making fun of celebrities.

  • ML

    Che….i can see where youre coming from, HOWEVER, if you’ve ever seen Prof live, you get a whole other appreciation for his energy and humor. It comes out weird on studio tracks, but I think it translates a whole lot better if you go from seeing him live to watching this. I caught him on the Family Vacation tour, and he absolutely turned A LOT of heads with some of his more serious tracks. The dude can rap, and he can write great serious songs. He’s definitely an artists I respect, although I’d love to see a video for “Myself” before anymore videos drop from him.

  • Good video. Prof for president.

  • Fetch

    What ML said. While this song is more of a joke single type song, his serious songs are amazing. One of the top 5 MC’s in MN right now.

  • Sam

    I worked at an adult shop with the girl in that video. Love Prof, ML is right. His live shows give you a much better picture of him as an artist. Plus, you gotta hear the whole album before you can write him off. This was one of the most lighthearted tracks on it.

  • tompetty

    nope, your all trippin. this is WACK in every sense of the word!

  • GoodStunts_Moxx

    shits garbage