Random Acts Of F*ckery: Wiz vs Amber Edition

blame it on Shake January 11, 2012

While I should’ve given Amber’s first single the RAoF stamp I decided to give her the writer’s the benefit of the doubt. This though!? This shit is the very definition of Random Acts of Fuckery. And while I do plan on seeing Gang Of Roses 2 (for pure comedic value of course), this is just… sad? Why can’t folks just stick to what they know. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you should dabble in other arts. I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing Mac & Devin in the first place, but after seeing Mr. Khalifa’s acting skills up top? No thanks.

  • tylerg


  • cmarie


  • hardy

    Kanye stole her voice and Wiz stole her brain. simple as that.

  • and Ron Jeremy jumps out of the bushes

    I would have SWORN that was the intro to a porno.

  • me

    hopefully this leads into a gangbang

  • :P

    was that Meek Mill at the end???

  • Steel City.

    Man! *eats popcorn on the edge of my seat* that shit was tense! Wtf is gonna happen next!? This is sure gonna get them a oscar nod.

  • I want my 1:40 back

  • taylorgangofroses2

    Yo son….this bitch is gonna drag his career all the way down….first that weak ass song…now this? Love have ppl doin some dumb shit (see: Gigli)

  • I’m not too sure whether to give this a thumbs up or thumbs down because of how bad it is…

  • Gang Of Roses 2. Amber Rose. Wiz Khalifa. Gangbang? It all makes sense now.

  • Maga D

    lol. I’m watching this, again, for comedic value. hahaha, I can tell Imma love this

  • vilin

    Yesssssss amber rose gets gangbanged!!!!! I can’t wait il february 14th!!!!

  • JR

    i cant even write a comment. i cant think of anything to say. im speechless. i mean… what the fuck? wow. why? what? damn

  • JaseG

    I have a feeling this movie will become a stoner cult classic…this funny as hell!! Loll
    Btw amber rose because of the horrible performance, i should remove you off my iphone wallpaper…but u lucky u got a fat ass…

  • chronwell

    Wiz looks like Shabba Doo from Breakin in ’83! HAHAHA!!

  • LB

    meek mil in the movie too? *in the voice of busta rhymes* SHIIIIIIIIIIT!!! i might watch for hilarity factor my daaaaamn self.

  • Rio$

    i honestly thought she was gonna get gang raped………….. also Black people on horses just looks weird…………….

  • jojoba

    Yo… this is a lock… this bitch must have the best fucking pussy in the world for this guy to go through all this… nuff fsaid

  • Wade

    i can’t wait for these motherfuckers to have one hell of a breakup.

  • Rage

    Damn wiz is soooooo pussy whipped he’s letting his bitch force him to make shitty music to boost her career smhhhh he’s a retard where’s the taylor allderice mixtape he should work on that instead of getting whipped by amber rose

  • POOR ACTING!!!!! Wiz is gonna let this bitch fuck his career up ain’t no pussy worth that

  • dean

    didn’t know the old west was full of powerlines

  • so we gon ignore the tattoos and the awkward bop

  • grntp

    amber roze sucks

  • whitemancantjump

    whats with the sign language goin on in this shiit?!? and niggas don’t be rid in horses!!!
    also hope amber sticks to sign language the whole movie

  • Master Lee

    I’m kind of mad at Kanye for making this chick famous. Why would Wiz do this though? I can understand making a song with her but now a full leangth movie? Wiz is going to let this chick ruin his career.

  • The Realness

    I don’t know what YA’LL are talking about. Everybody just wanna diss to be negative. In fact, that acting was actually pretty good from both Wiz AND Amber and the scenario is pretty entertaining. The movie probably gonna be HOT when it drops… but of course everyone will just be quick to diss it just to hate on two superstars doing their thing in Hollywood. MUCH respect to Wiz and Amber.

  • preemo

    ^^^^^^^^ FAGGOT

  • Is this dude serious???

    CO-sign preemo!! LMAO @ The FAGness!!

  • gerald

    What the blood clot?!? This is probably the only time when he actually needed to be high.

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