• PhilMatic

    Shit haaaaard!

  • NY

    This shit go hard son!!!

  • Aaron

    Raven And Skeme killed this track. 2dope!

  • YeahIsaidIt

    Sorvino you a bad bitch F.R.I.L.T.F

  • Cameron

    Paper Girl bout to be ILL

  • Damu

    Killa Pussy Bwoy!

  • lance geneva

    how come she can rap about this shit and get no hate ? i mean the track is good but when some other rapper says "catch a body" then everyone hates him.. i don't get it.. this joint goes though..

  • Seven

    Raven & Skeme def did there thing on this. All around good song.

  • Fuck em RAW

    Killer shit. I love the OX sample from Belly.

  • http://nobodyfamousmusic.com/home/ Nobody Famous

    I fuck with this, obviously.

  • Shotta

    Real shotta shit

  • Money Mikd

    She murdered this. Hook is hard with the sample

  • http://www.twitter.com/fr3dmartins Fred

    WHAT THE FUUCCCK??? This track is absolutely insane!