Yung Nate & Charles Hamilton – Hip Hop [Unreleased]

blame it on Shake January 11, 2012

Ahh, the Demevolist Music Groupd Dats. Check as Nate and Charles rap about the state of hip hop (circa 2006).

DOWNLOAD: Yung Nate & Charles Hamilton – Hip Hop

  • IslandKid

    where the fuck is charles these days tho? i thought he was coming back.. i miss his music. anyone have a list of essential CH that i could download or top CH songs? i feel like i might have missed a few from back in the day

  • :P
  • jay

    charles still releases projects and mixtapes here and there i think charles doesnt want to be in the industry or chase fame i think CH just wanna do his music and live a normal life this dude will always be one of my favorite new comers supporting ch music fo life i miss the demevolist days yung nate charles hamilton show tufli they go hard

  • frv

    Dope..hope Charles can find his focus again. He’s still young and has way too much talent to waste. Since he’s been back in late September he’s released like half a dozen mixtapes plus 3 instrumental tapes

  • (l,k)

    i love a lot of his stuff but this dude needs to either quit the heroin or stop making beats because they all sound the same and 95% of them are shit haha

  • Lysol

    charles embarrassed hisself with all that dilla drama and for makin music to cater to 16 year old females/the 2dbz target demographic.

    plus he got knocked the fuck out by a bitch he impregnated, its on youtube.

  • Dope shit b.

  • what?


    Word? Welcome to 2009 nigga I think everybody here commenting on a CH post already know this.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKingKoopa

    @Lysol: Damn nigga, you must’ve been in a coma since 2008. We already know this bruh. I guess next you’re gonna talk about how he got arrested, dedicated about 3 different songs to Kat Stacks, Then came back & dissed half the rap game on C.A.T.S. Can.

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  • @IslandKid In descending order: Pink Lava Lamp, Crash Landed, This Perfect Life, Well Isn’t This Awkward, Binge 3

    That’s my top 5 anyway, but that top 3 is pretty undisputed.

  • Toby

    Yung Nate gone Hollywood to the max since this lmao.

    @Lysol CH doesn’t make music to cater for anybody you dumb fuck. He also didn’t get ‘knocked the fuck out’, he got hit by a woman he happened to be in a relationship with. He didn’t get knocked out.. He didn’t hit her back, he didn’t spaz. Fuck is people’s problem with this..

  • lm

    I thought he was terminally ill?

  • ogkushead
  • Mikey

    Charles Hamilton is ab beast. He was even a beast back then. He just needs to get his head straight and it will be all good from their.

  • Mark

    Miss the Demev days so much man. Damn