• Tim

    Ive been waiting for this video!!! But i can't believe he did this !! http://bit.ly/w1OBmS

  • undefeated

    this is great!!! all around...Add-2 is surely next up

  • peteROC

    super dope man. downloading his other stuff

  • Uncle Ruckas

    Fucking EPIC. I'm just gonna go out and say Add-2 been showing lately he has the heart to say and show what most artist are scared to do. I got chills watching the ending. I cant even look at my white co-workers cause I feel like I just watched Roots and want to whoop their ass for my ancestors

  • Bules206

    That thumbs down was my bad. Using my itouch and meant to hit thumbs but accidentally hit thumbs down, had to clarify. Add-2 is dope.

  • swageezy

    ^ i was just about to ask who the fuck gave this a thumbs down

  • Queen

    Ahh good one! Not too many rappers speak on the Tuskegee syphilis study, hell most of em probably dont even know about it.

  • http://musicallytrappedNThought.com Joe F.

    WOW thats all I can say Add-2 is that man coming out of Chicago!

  • jeremiahWRONG

    ending was way too much imo. predictably extreme. plenty has changed since the fields. PLENTY

  • Master Lee

    Add-2 is dope. Great song and video. Hopefully he gets the shine he deserves one day.

  • themoreyouknow

    What happened with Tuskegee was they didn't treat the patients and let them continue on with the disease to study the effects. Beyond fucked up in every way imaginable, but yea they didn't give it to them. But w/e song is dope as fuck

  • mark

    Wow. Incredible. Powerful.

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