• dejuan

    His new video is LEGITTTTT!!! http://bit.ly/zB6raq <<< resssspect

  • carlos

    mothafucka is raw, dont have to take my word for it. listen your godamn self!

  • Nocando

    I am Nocando and I approve this post

  • #KanyeShrug

    Nocando is that dude. i went to a concert of his at a really small venue and he roasted one of my boys while freestyling, shit was amazing.

  • http://www.flavors.me/1derfulife Spiv


  • http://thoughtdriftmusic.com Joselph

    got my not so new new shoes on..


    worth checking out??? the production looks on point

  • YoungBigsby

    Can i get a mediafire link hulkshare doesnt work it would b much appreciated

  • John Delaware

    That Nosajthing track is nice.

  • Toby

    Due to the comments and liking to give artists I haven't heard from before a try, I opted to download this.

    I have a crap load of stuff to listen to, so I only listened to the first two tracks. I listen to artists like Chuuwee / Jon Connor / PackFM / Charles Hamilton / Isaiah Thomas etc. If you like similar artists I doubt this is your kinda thing. Just a heads up and second opinion to contrast the other entirely positive ones!

  • Lifterquits


  • war22

    Kenny Segel from Horse Shoe GANG ??