Saigon – Another Man Down f. Lil Fame (of M.O.P.)

blame it on Meka January 12, 2012

Sampling Rihanna’s Loud single, RapFix got the drop on Sai-Giddy’s latest Warning Shots 3 cut. I kinda fucks with this. UPDATE: Audio rip added.

DOWNLOAD: Saigon – Another Man Down f. Lil Fame
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  • Matt

    DJ Corbett is underrated.

  • Mr Tibbs

    how you meant to see it if you ain’t in America……

  • ^^ move to america? nah, im working on trying to rip the song and put on hulkshare, but im coming up with nada.

  • Mr Tibbs

    Shake: I think I’ll stay over here with my free healthcare.

  • ^^ and extremely long wait times. #justsaying.
    ive played both the america and canada games before.

  • Mr Tibbs

    Shake: I’m from the UK

  • M0ns1er

    @ Mr Tipps same peoblem over here in Germany…
    Hope we’ll get a hulkshare/mediafire, youtube link soon!

  • leutrim rexhaj

    all foreigners please stfu

  • M0ns1er

    Thank you very much Shake!

  • James R aka THe Real Truth

    Mr Tibbs, please! everything in U.S.A .IS better then the U.K. & the rest of Europe . hip hop is from THE U.S.A. not the U.K. OR europe . hip hop is african american street culture not u.k. culture at all. so you are leaching off our culture not yours . so you would not have hip hop without the U.S.A. so shut up & bow down to a country greater then yours

  • Chiguy

    @ James dude you sound like a straight dick. You should be proud at the fact that people all over the world support hip hop. But u just sound like a spoiled American, as usual. You making us look bad, please stfu. Obviously school and your parents didn’t teach you anything. Prick. Then people wonder why America is so hated.

  • grs

    woooooooooooo that heatttt

  • shake use file flashgot if you have firefox you can download anything that streams

  • mr TIBBS

    @james. Firstly im afro caribbean. Secondly a jamaican artist who went over to the usa and then american artists created hiphop/rap. Does this give me divine power to say that if you aint from a caribbean heritage you cant listen to hiphop/rap. No, because by now you should know that music is a universal thing. So come off this patriotic bullshit when the world is separated by rich & poor. also there is no best country when everyone is not seen as equal. Shoutout to my family in the US & canada….

  • Muon

    Check this hot song out. Promise y’all will love it >>>

  • search this song up on youtube, saigon put up the official audio on his youtube channel.