• Officer Ricky


  • Sam

    BADASSSSSS This one is my favorite from the cd for sure viddddeoo http://bit.ly/w1OBmS

  • c

    damn i wasnt expecting this at ALL

    this is dope

  • Vilin

    That's what's up!!!!!

  • http://www.officialdbs.com DBS

    Dope album, too bad it never saw a vinyl release.

  • trufisbak

    68 thumbs up? u fuckin kidding me?! this deserves like at least 5k...*smh*

  • JChrome

    AWESOME! thats pretty dope y'all

  • http://last.fm/user/avfc4 Sandeep14

    Big SAS fan. That's very generous of them.

  • french touch


  • yeah

    I wouldn't even download this shit for free. They can't rap.

  • daveg

    This album constantly gets play in my deck. Klack or Get Klacked On!!! Anybody not respecting this, or Strong Arm Steady, is NOT a fan of real music.

  • http://Shy Shy

    This is very dope of them. ill album.
    West Up

  • dirtdawg

    So why did I buy this in the first place!?!
    so they could develop the new website which is promoted by a give away...
    so, the next album is on you guys!

  • avenue

    took me fucking four hours to figure out that the download link on their website doesnt work in google chrome. jesus, finally got it.

  • sideshow mel

    Respect the StrongArm.

  • http://www.jimmytaco.com dj jimmy taco

    All respect due to The Strong Arm Steady Family!!!!!

  • sdfefw

    already gotit for free before tbh

  • http://twitter.com/Gene_us @Gene_us

    “already gotit for free before tbh”

    Haha! Real shit. You, me & most o' these dudes up in here sneak downloaded this when it dropped. SMH! Good looks from the SAS gang nonetheless. #WestUp