• http://www.kkk.com dumb nigger

    3 Albums in one month? flooding the bussiness with shit music never works.. idiot

  • who cares

    Heard this last night.
    Beat knocks, first 2 verses are on point, last one sucks, and the hook is very mediocre. An alright track overall

  • http://buy-girl-scout-cookies.com/ FukOuttaHere!

    It seems like E is always wearing the same shit.. even back on the Hurricane album. . same gear. . LOL!

  • James R aka The Real Truth

    dumb nigger , you are the idiot not E-40 . who said the 3 Albums will be shit music in the first place,hater. E-40 is putting it in like 2pac .

  • paddy

    i wouldnt say like tupac, but hes doin what he does, fair play to him

  • Dogz

    still underrated! kids cant feel a old ass nigga

  • 38

    idk how yall say hes a legend....must be a cali thing

  • VL

    yg verse was terrible