NFL Playoffs, Who Y’all Got?

blame it on Shake January 14, 2012

Today we’ve got the Saints/Niners and Broncos/Patriots. While most seem to be all wrapped up in Tebowmania vs Brady and the Pats, you know damn well I’m reppin’ that red and gold! Anyways, who y’all got!?

  • Bill

    NIGGAS!!!!! FIRST!!

  • ski

    Niners and Broncos with my heart. Saints and Patriots with my money.

  • Trill

    Niners….Will Get Blown Out by ATLEAST 28 points i got the Broncos with the upset tho

  • dre

    my team out fuck!!! :( !!!! sorry shake i hate the saints but thats ya’ll ass & i got the pats beatin the tebows.

  • Patriots all day!

  • Mike

    Patriots and saints

  • WuTang4Eva

    Mmmmm people sleeping on and disrespecting the 49ers. Love it. Y’all gonna eat your fuggin words though. ScHoolboy on repeat all day.

  • mike


  • Based

    Niners will fight hard but will lose a close game, iMay be wrong. iHope the broncos win but cmon its tom brady

  • WuTang4Eva


  • 49ers & Tebow

  • kd


  • el rey

    football sucks. soccer >>>

  • APE

    Niners. Since I’m not a Patriot fan at all, Broncos.

  • frostytheman


  • frostytheman

    giants.. all day err day. support SCHoolBoy Q on I tunes.. nah mean

  • Mufasa9

    PATRIOTS eating Horse today !

  • PATS

    @ el rey, soccer is football ! *trollin*

    But seriously, pats gonna winn!!

  • gptp20

    baseball >>>

  • I remember how people hated on Alex Smith and now they’re where they’re at and everyone is on his dick. idc who wins between 40ers and Saints, as long as one wins the superbowl!

  • JR

    NINERS!!!!! WOOOOOOO hahaha nah i was for the saints but damn what a damn damn damn good game.

  • alishki

    I was pullin for the Niners too (hook it up with some free music Shake, wink wink). Sweet redemption for A Smith from that boo treatment on MNF vs the Eagles last season though!!! Niners hosting the Gmen next week too, ya herd meh!!!

  • WuTang4Eva

    Told you. All the 49ers haters/saints fans are being real quiet right now.

  • Helluva game, that was some classic shit there!!! lol

  • Rio$


  • @el rey: soccer isn’t a sport…

  • 49ers all day!!

  • SAints

    San Fag 69ers lol a lot of faggots in San FAG having gay sex if you like the 49ers you are a faggot lol i hope a quake wipes yall fagggots and your state of the map

  • Rezo

    Yo get Tebow the hell outta here!! God he sucks! haha

    Congrats on the SF win Shake, looking forward to the Giants ending your season though!

  • chad

    bruh pats defense fucking ya boy tebow up. that nigga out there cussing & errthang i swear i heard’em say “goddamn nigga”

  • Braden

    All you hating on 49ers can garggle nads with shards of glass…its gonna pats & 49ers

  • Keith Brown

    #WhoDat ? #WeDat

  • Master Lee

    Congrats on your Niners Shake. It just might be that my Patriots meet your Niners in the Super Bowl. Did you know that Brady grew up a Niner fan? Could be a great story.

  • silence

    mufuckas get millions to catch a ball and can’t fucking do it to save their life. I don’t think tebow lost that one as much as that weak ass sqaud.

  • One


    but Raiders all day bitches ;)

  • I

    go colts

  • TB12.

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha ya’ll gota start recognizing mediocrity don’t win games. Only dude I feel an ounce of remorse for is McGahee. Dude ran his ass off for that team that couldn’t do a damn thing except when turnovers occurred. Niners stepped up huge!!! Its a QB game and A. Smith has made a name for himself. And that defense held their own just enough. Texans have answered nicely to that onslaught the Ravens brought to capitalize turnovers. And TONIGHT…. ouuuweeee, JPP and Tuck gona have rodgers moving, but the Pack winning… losing to the niners. Harbough brothers Superbowl???

  • Rwal Talk

    Patriots & Niners

    Patriots got this….
    If their Defense plays like they did yesterday..!!!!
    just protect Brady from the Rush and He’ll Pick apart that secondary.