ScHoolboy Q – HABITS & Contradictions (Album)

blame it on Meka January 14, 2012

It’s finally here. Almost a year to the day from the release of Setbacks, ScHoolboy Q drops his sophomore album. With The Alchemist, Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar and many more riding shotgun to this, this should be something every fan of the TDE spitter will enjoy. Tracklist and link down bottom.

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PURCHASE: ScHoolboy Q – HABITS & Contradictions (Album) [via iTunes]

  • Great fucking album.

  • Jeremy

    Q is up next

  • SD Artist

    *waits for 2dopeboyz to rig the thimbs up ratio*



  • Bout to get it!

  • Scuba Muzik

    fuck yeah!! ben waitin on this shit all month!

  • dEt0X2010


  • Album is fucking amazing.

  • ColeWorld

    WTF I thought this was gonna be free. I’m broke as a bitch right now, anyone got a free link? I plan on buyin when I get my tax money anyway.

  • who cares

    ^@ColeWorld Lmao I thought this was gonna be free too. Guess I gotta wait to purchase it. I’m dead broke right now

  • DayO

    NUGHTMARE ON FIGG ST!!!!!!! shots FIRED!

  • Mikail has it, no links though trust the word.



  • Rage

    Downloaded the album off itunes and damn ScHoolboy Q is up next in the independent circuit TDE is not to be fucked with, but wow he blew me away from this album makes setbacks look like shit in comparison

  • dev

    I dont use shitty iTunes. Zune>>>
    where else can I download it?

  • The Futurre

    Refreshing If you ask me

  • Shy

    Q is a problem
    son dropped a real dope follow up to Setbacks which i still bang to this day

  • trey

    man im broke as fuck till next week & i cant find a legit download link nowhere shit got me fuckin hot

  • Turtle

    Wow, and I never thought I might even consider that Q is better than Kendrick. This album is that dope

  • Lance

    I bought it off itunes but it wont play in the car. Anybody know what to do? This always happen when i buy music on itunes.

  • bh

    Nightmare on Figg St……..scrunched face




  • Master Lee

    This dude is getting a lot of love from the C-Section which is rare cause most of you are haters. Is this guy on the same level as Kendrick Lamar? I think i’ma check him out on the buzz alone.

  • lol

    I’m surprised this doesn’t have 10,000 likes lmao.
    @dev You’re a moron. iTunes has the best player/store. It’s crisp and clean. You mad because the Zune is a plastic piece of shit with terrible memory? Got myself a 120 GB classic and it’s just as thin as the 4GB zune.

  • PC Groove

    good lookin out @Mikail

    do not sleep on this joint…big ups to TDE!

  • lucidity

    is there any way to get my hands on a physical copy??

  • Dj

    shoutout to Q & A$ap for showing my nigga cudi love. that “hands on the wheel”is a fuckin problem.

  • Boi

    you fuckin free loaders the bootleg version aint the whole thing its missing a song & its in the wrong order.

  • who cares

    @lucidity i don’t think so. It’s probably gonna be like Section.80 and basically everything else the camp has released

  • Good Production . Terrible Lyrics .

    Weed Bitches We Fucked Up
    i swear i heard that 10million times on every song


  • all day hip hop

    @raprenaissance Thank you!!!!! and i am gonna buy that shit when i get an itunes card


    I live of Fairfaix in mid city Los Angeles.

    And Black Hippy pretty much runs underground hip-hop in LA.

  • Maniak

    this shit right here……

  • smh

    Warning that for all those that don’t have money to get this right now @raprenaissance link is fucked up. Doesn’t download fully. Stops after a few minutes so you only get 3 tracks. Tried again and it only gave me 2. Guess I gotta wait till I get some money

  • Maniak

    some Oxy Shit music.

  • Dylan


  • schoolboyG

    Man i was expected so much more from my man q… on some real shit might go down as the most disappointing album of the year already

  • Kizer

    Its ignorant music but still very dope music at the end of the day

  • dddddsssss

    *waits for torrent

  • Hands on tHe wHeel ft. A$AP Rocky >>>>>>>>>> (The Cudi reference is classic.)

  • Broke

    For all you broke niggas the albums out there for free. Im bumping it now, no problems, all tracks. Im not gonna help you but it is there. Support the music but if you a not givin a fuck person and you just aint gonna buy it, you should at least hear it so do what you got to.


    its goin to be on piratebay in less then 30 min

  • wale

    lol i got the link

  • kd

    WEED and BREW

  • yyyyy

    Hughes’ link works.

  • jay

    anyone got a link in mp3 format? fuck itunes!!!!!!!

  • fondleme

    320 k mp3 is on EVERY torrent site now
    HES BACK !!

  • Jonesy Stark

    Hopefully cat’s will stop sleepin’ on Q after this.

  • Solid effort by ScHoolboy. I support

  • man if u aint got 8 buccz to support a real nigga then u needa b workin the night shift instead of bein on the comp…how r u niggaz payin for internet lol??

    Big ups to schoolboy tho, i used to c him on the bus stop on Fig bacc in the day…

  • seriously?

    niggas really complaining about mp4 files?

    itunes automatically converts.

    and theres plenty of free music editing programs that will convert it.

    thats a damn shame, people do you a favor and give you FREE music when you should be buying it and you still fucking complain?

  • TOrrent911f

    hot album
    dude got amazing lyrics diction flow beats all hot
    2012 is starting nice
    piratebay org got a 155 mb rip that u can dl at 1100k
    forget ur hulkshare! lol

  • LupeFaco

    beat on sex drive got me high

  • New Shit To Bang.. . #HAPPY

  • Sylver21

    Nightmare on Fig is to ill, dope project overall after a few listens

  • Made

    Project’s so Hot it feels like I can finally say TDE is more that just one great artist.

    A Schoolboy Rocky tape is needed quick though. Shit I’d take a 5 track EP.

  • deen45

    this Raymond 1969 is a problem! alot of niggas gonna get robbed to that joint lol. but solid project once again from the TDE crew

  • chipcity

    Damn….BUY THE FUCKIN ALBUM…yall complain about pop music killing rap but yall dont spend less than 10 on good music and wonder why the game is fucked up…

  • dddddsssss

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  • mikeyfresh



    I may just be really stoned, but does he have a lazy eye? that right eye is def looking at me, but I’m not too sure about the left…


    links to them downloads is mad disrespectful.. at least DOPE musics being heard i guess. GOOD SHIT Q

  • Less hope

    What’s it all about? America is lost. We’re overpopulating and modifying jobs well never increase because the populations what’s increasing. Technology is advancing. And the sky is black. Marlboro 72 green please coffe le brewed before I slipped and slid to another lid. I wanna live but I gotta grind so I can give to my chick and my kid I wanna live why the fuck do we sin I wanna escape th

  • SonictheHogans

    @chipcity… I wish I could put that shit on a billboard just for these fuckin dudes out here…broke ass niggas..its just 8 dollars..I got paid yesterday had no problem picking it up this morning and I’m still good with bills, gas, etc…smh…but I guess if it gets heard we good..A$ap and Q do need to link up for a collab tape that shit would be dope as fuck..prob create the same buzz How Fly did when it dropped..anyways enjoy the album niggas.

  • xastey

    already got my physicals order.. great album

  • def

    pure fuckery

  • Dope

  • @dddddsssss that’s exactly what i’m doing

  • hnc

    great album

  • DaSilva

    Damn nightmare on figg st…
    cant wait to bump that in the car…

  • M0ns1er

    Hands on the wheel on repeat since two hours. super dope

  • romolini

    Haven’t bought an album since the 90s but had to support Q on this jawn. Excited as fuck to not play Setbacks on repeat anymore. Cosign the ScHoolboy Rocky tape being much needed.

  • G-unot

    You know there was a time I heavily slept on west coast rappers. I never liked none of them not even snoop. But after I heard K dot on Hiipower I thought this niggas a beast. I downloaded O.D then I was a fan. I didn’t know niggas from L.A can spit like that. So then I went on and listened to Q and I was shocked. West coast rappers can hang with east coast.

  • Kenji

    I comment once every quarter but damn, this album is better than I expected. I told my roommate just now that I get the same feeling listening to HnC that I did when I first listened to “Get Rich or Die Trying”…

  • 1000+ likes in limited amount of time??? something is suspect

  • unique_osmosis

    I’m not feeling it, these are a bunch of songs about stupid shit fucking, getting money, I’m better than you repeat I heard this shit 50 million times and to say this is better than
    section 80 or ayomari and tiron A.S.F.P you gotta be outta your fucking minds.#no_go

  • unique_osmosis

    And as far that hands on the wheel song the beat is cold but find the acapella and tell me there lyrics are really carrying the song.

  • blah

    Soooo overated. TBH I think the whole tde crew is overated and paying this blog and others to try to get some internet hype up. KDot was harder when he went by kdot imo. Hiipower was first time I thought he might actually start bringing tracks that could actually be a single and not just album filler BS. Q is just lame same recycled content just another lame flow spitting it. Sigh BORINGGG and OVER RATED :( Wasted my time downloading and listening. Straight to the recycle bin.

  • rom

    Everybody always talking about the amount of likes being suspect. A lot of motherfuckers like Q. Deal with it.

  • Hands On The Wheel.

  • Albums dope + free but seriously I’d pay $ for it just like sect.80. #14

  • JPM

    Never bought anything on iTunes before.. I did today tho

  • itunes meh

    put this shit on band camp ill pay more

  • J

    this shit goes HARD!

  • fuerte

    Whoever’s trying to get it to play in other formats, buy the album through itunes and convert the tracks to mp3. This usually works for the itunes albums I buy because they put their tracks in AAC/mp4 format, just convert them to mp3’s.

  • Jojoba

    Got’ damn! Hand on the wheels goes!! This is an early lead for for album of the year

  • Ermac

    I don’t know why everyone is riding this dude’s jock I heard the album its cool you know sumthin to drive to or sum shit but dude is an average rapper who isnt all that lyrical and his hooks are usually trash kendrick is the only one with bars on TDE

  • MDK

    This shit bangs waaay too HARD! One of the biggest albums in 2012 no doubt.

  • T’Challa

    Listen man, not everybody has to be a lyrical wizard. Schoolboy is an AVERAGE emcee, that has the right combo of good beats, charisma, and for lack of a better term a “vibe” about him.

    Despite his limited subject matter, Setbacks was a dope album. Sometimes you just wanna vibe out, I’m not always in the mood for “super lyrical miracle, 100 bars, Slaughterhouse type rap”

  • @TChalla


  • jermaine


  • muk

    still not got a full version of sexting, any one???

  • SMH

    @TChalla: Just as you have the right to that opinion. He has the right to feel everyone should pump out 100 bars of lyrical miracle or he doesn’t wanna hear it.

    Also, if all you EVER wanna do is “vibe out” and listen to beats in the background, I wouldn’t call that being a music/ hip-hop lover. When you watch a movie, do you want a party in front of you during the movie making a shit fuck load of noise and being super distracting? No. When you listen to a GREAT album, it’s like watching a great movie. It should be engrossing and take all of your mind to really HEAR what’s being put down on record. Those are the records that move hip hop and music as a whole forward, not keeping it stagnated.

    Opinions are just that, opinions.

  • asdfghjkl

    Ima buy my physical copy as soon as my check comes in, fuck itunes tho

  • od

    THIS IS FIRE! Q did it with this one.

  • Cam

    Anybody wanna tell me how his album only got 1419 likes but his single got 6000??????????? Makes no sense ta me… Album is dope tho …

  • Wayne

    I really don’t get what holds Kendrick and Ab-Soul together with Jay Rock and Schoolboy Q. This guy is the weakest link in the Black Hippy collective IMO. Seems completely antithetical to the HiiiPower movement. It is one thing to “talk about money, hoes, clothes, God and history all in the same sentence” it is a completely different thing to talk about nothing but money and hoes and some violence for good measure. We have been there before and other artists have told that story better. Let’s move to the future.

  • AC

    @Wayne i was thinkin the same thing i jus feel that Q and jay rock arent that good

  • FREE DOWNLOAD at my site!

  • jay

    anybody know how to turn itunes tracks into mp3? you’s be greatly appreciated.

  • Wayne

    @jay make sure under Preferences/General/Import settings that that your encoder set to Mp3. The right click on the tracks and select “Create Mp3 version”

  • jay


  • I like 90s shit too. and 80s lol shout out to Kurtis Blow.

    IDK why niggas getting all disappointed over the content. Talking about take the beat awaay and listen to the song, that’s a pointless ass statement. All of these songs have a concept, even gangster in Designer. The album is called HABITS and CONTRADICTIONS> the whole point is to show his habits (drugs, bitches, ect.) and contradictions such as Blessed vs. sacrilegious, or hating joint vs sex drive. Him and kendrick are two totally different vibes, everyone from TDE are they own person. niggas sayin Jay Rock weak comparing him to kendrick when there is nothing to compare besides they both rap and they from the West. totally different upbring and view on life. Same goes for Q, this a honest ass album, this nigga said many times all he really do is smoke and rap. he used to sell oxy, he has a daughter he loves, he has some history growing up on fig street. He his lyrics are good, not AMAZINGLY lyrical but his flow and charisma makes up for that. niggas need to get open minds and shit before they dismiss songs that aren’t “hiiipower”. This shit dope as fuck, on all levels, and it’s entertaining. TDE running shit. Absoul need to drop another album next. then kendrick, then prolly jay rock or a whole black hippie album. that is all.

  • i4c1o2

    best shit I’ve heard in a while.

  • nickd

    shit is average at best. you guys are tde dickriders

  • so Shut the FUCK up

    mad haters towards the end of the c-section.. and i dont really know who the address. FIRST.. WHEN DO WE GET A NEW AB-SOUL PROJECT! him & Kendrick are the lyrical kings in TDE.
    This tape’s got some classic material but i might of ben expecting more (due to the hype).
    As far as Q “bringin the HiiiPower” thing down.. that’s bullshit, it’s just a different look then kendrick’s. Everyone in TDE has their strong suite.
    The person that said “not everone has to be a super MC” is so ligit. What would J Cole be if he only had songs like Lost Ones?? honestly you’d be bored of cole pretty fast.

  • Dumbla

    TDE makes me happy..dickrider or not who cares as long as you feel the music

  • Pause

    His album cover looks pretty gay if u gonna have a bitch in a ski mask at least have a femine bitch and not one who looks like a dude

  • Elite

    so what i’m wondering is how the post for the Blessed single got about 5k likes yet the whole album ain’t even close…?

  • L

    Like Schoolboy said hes the bad side of Kendrick and Kendricks the good side of him he doesn’t bring down the HiiiPower movement

  • gnarlymikey

    @ Elite because maybe people aint feeling the whole album as a cohesive project. It doesnt take away the fact that Blessed is a dope song. I on the other hand love this album and it got my thumbs up.

  • Rukus

    I don’t understand what the big deal is with this guy. Albums garbage.

  • Chipz

    Yea, not digging this lp, just not my cup of Henny. Production is solid, but the subject matter is so one dimensional..Props to Q though, good to see duke getting his shine. The west is on fa sho.

  • drm

    @Jay in itunes go to preferences>general then at the bottom theres “import settings” click that, change the encoding to mp3. now select all the tracks you want as an mp3 right click and press “create mp3 version”.

  • flotus

    yo this is fucking dope.

  • g shaka

    My god. Turn to track 4 and get FAAAADEEEEDDDD homies…Schoolboy Q, A$AP, Kendrick got that fiya fa yo ass my niggas…

  • brite

    lol 4k dopes. nice to see the script is back in use.

  • Aristotle

    nightmare on figg st >

  • nzathedza

    this shit is genius, a prequel to setbacks its makes so much sense, probably one of the Hardest album out

  • Fixed

    That thumbs up/down bar is mad fixed. No way 4000+ gave it a thumbs up..2dopeboyz just love school boy Q’s dick.

    This shits okay..dude definitely is no where near Kendrick lamar

  • Dawg

    dude is way beyond kendrick imo. westside is back nigggazzz

  • dörk

    Lol, better support him on he only has 100000 plays…

  • Malkdeeznutz

    If ya’ll feel like this could be better. Explain exactly what he should have done. I love it as it is. Gritty & explicit. Some ignorance. No he’s not the most lyrical, doesnt mean his lyrics/songs arent enjoyable. I looove the production. Feel his charisma & the music compliment each other.

  • Malkdeeznutz

    Kinda wish he didnt leak as many tracks as he did. All good though.


    bout been waiting on this shit FOREVER..

    PS. It’s hard for me to understand why folks feel the NEED to post negative it doesn’t matter son, the majority consensus obviously disagrees with you..take your ass to the next mac miller post if you not feeling this’s clear half of you not even getting the entire concept behind this nigga’s’s not as “one dimensional” as you all claim it is, but thats what happens when you give amateur hip hip fans a book they wont read because the cover ain’t pretty with daisies and graffiti on it..I’m glad we have TDE in hip hop..they’re like the anti-heroes of rap now..half is cliche, material shit..and the other half is real deep lyrical shit..combined, you got the most relatable bodies of work in the game for alot of people..if you not feeling it, then I’d hate to hear what you’re feeling..but don’t post what you like, because this is a Schoolboy Q post, and no one cares that you don’t like his shit or feels he’s “overrated” (ironic statement for somebody without any real popularity outside the internets..because there are people that do,,

  • There’s no point in condemning the hate. It never ends.

    And Didn’t they discontinue the Zune? lol

  • Thatnigga

    “They worried bout osama kill the bitch nigga and get his family manana!”

  • vlado

    dope album


    This was a solid album. I give it a high 3.5 out of 5.

  • Ea4prezz

    I cant front I wasnt f’n with ScHoolboy music until I heard There he Go… after that i did my research found a few gems from Setbacks. The whole crew is good. Obviously some niggas is better than other niggas, so why compare ya dig. That being said since i already heard like 5 joints off this its worth a cop even if they the only 5 i like.

  • NoName

    I’m just posting glad a holiday tmrw but besides tht and happy birthday goes to MLK Jr and kept my word purchase the homies tape salute TDE looking fwd to ab soul and so on damn shit amazes me I still have Jay rocks Watts finest 3 mixtape and kdots training day both hard copies smh but yeah tho shout out the TDE camp and salute to the brother MLK.

  • Michael Scott

    The future of West Coast Hip-Hop is looking stronger than East, TDE, OF, and a lot more

  • iDLifted

    TDE > YMCMB …if that isn’t obvious tho, then what is? I swear if any you ignant mofuckers bring in the whole Money factor and shit like that…you’re just as stupid as YMCMB besides Drake they have absolutely nobody. NOBODY. TDE all day.

  • Nuff

    Off soul, music by Q of WEST. BLESSED MY NIGGGAZZ

  • Wolf

    Fuck 2Dopeboyz.

  • nopurps

    i fux with this heavily

  • tompetty

    i dont know how this fool got times new roman to work on a cover.


  • stop asking for free downloads buy the fucking album yall the reason that sopa shit about to pass buy some music if it isnt good enough to buy than dont listen to it fuckin freeloadaz

  • @boweezy24

    I Downloaded This! SchoolBoy Q!

  • stuyvesant

    After bumping this since release day, had to come back and make a bold statement. Better than Kendrick? these songs have CRAZY replay value. Not as lyrically sound as Lamar, but god damn this is dope vibe music. Also to the retard saying that kendrick was better as K.Dot, your taste in music is terrible, kill yourself.