Ab-Soul - Black Lip Bastard (prod. Willie B of Digi+Phonics)

Mixed by Ali

In a post for ScHoolboy Q someone asked when Ab-Soul was going to drop something. Well, here is a new drop from the Black Hippy for your stankin' asses.


DOWNLOAD: Ab-Soul - Black Lip Bastard | Mediafire

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  • AQ


  • Andy

    Shit this is dope ..!! 2012 gonna be a huge year for black hippy and TDE.. Lookin forward to every release

  • SOUL!

  • Blacka

    Fuk..nigga said "ill have tyler lighting bongs and reciting psalms"....Ab Soul went the fuck in...TDE is a team full of monsters yo...

  • 2ndera

    Soul! Easily my favorite black hippy member.

  • NoName

    Yo this is whts up I'll support the niggas project whenever it does drop but this is 2dope tho

  • E


  • Sandile Fanas

    Soul! Know u got a fan in South Africa,dope joint.

  • K dot

    This nigga lips blacker than a muthafucka.

  • 50 cent > ab soul

  • Oguzhan

    TDE >

  • Shy


  • King Tyrone

    Nice- Is it just me or does MixedbyAli get the most credit of an engineer this side of Young Guru? Not hatin, just something I noticed...probably has a lot of other roles in TDE like A&R stuff that I don't know of. TDE is on fire right now.

  • B. Emerson 909

    H A R D !

  • jmt999

    Everyone in TDE is dope except for Jay Rock. It's like eating a four course meal, and they bring out a Turd Sandwich.


  • jay

    black lit bastard Ab soul is probably one of the dopest members of black hippy Black panther party reincarnated yall hated niggas tried to put a hex on me like the star of david damn this nigga was going in cant wait for ab soul to drop his next album

  • geedoo

    "put 2 and 2 together im the 1 high 5".. didnt catch that 1 till my 3rd listen. the TDE crew is too ill.

  • ladybug

    Tight. Love Ab-Soul

  • BringMoreHoes

    haha...anyone peep the 50 Cent "yeah" adlibs in the background?? dope ish

  • trufisbak

    black hippy x digi+phonics > rap game

  • alex brown

    lol meka looking out for the people

  • greg

    @jmt999 jay rock is dope too. follow me home was a good album

  • Contraditions and Habit 2

    Lol prolly me


  • Mike

    Gotta love Soul


    Dope track mad props to Ab-Soul,,, SOUTH AFRICA Reps for TDE

  • cashwell young

    Illest rapper coming out

  • ha

    "high like my bitch"..my bitch getss hiiighh


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