• Steez Diamante

    M-Phazes....Goood Gracious!!

  • WiLL_g510

    This is hottttt

  • danny

    the original song is like 5 years old..

  • Steez Diamante

    Danny, the original was released on April 12th of 2005, so it's almost 7 years old. There was also an !llmind Remix on the flip side if you remember. What's your favorite version?

  • http://www.hiphoprapbeatz.com Mr. White

    Great remix, but too loud sound wall

  • jwiii

    Saigon is crazy on the mic. I hope he never slips up again.

  • MoonNathaniel

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  • Positive Vibe

    M-Phazes is just a beast, he's slowly reachin' the top 10 of my favorite producers especially after the joint he did with Jean Grae

  • PDOT75

    Bekay has that classic line "I dip my balls in vodca cause I'm "ASBSLUTLEY NUTS". Beastmode

  • JazeJuice

    Co sign eerything any of these 3 emcees is on. Big up to Coalmine for the original, I 1st heard it on Bekay's Hunger Pains lp, which was really dope overall but this single is a CLASSIC. I don't think it'll ever get old, no matter how old it is, and all 3 of them spit tha crack, add in M Phazes and you can't go wrong, 15 stars for real hip hop and real rappers not lil wayne bullshit

  • Jerry718

    This is fire. Love all three verses, saigitty with the hood multie, INS as the damn god as always, and the kid BEkay with classic offensive metaphores and pure raw emotion. DjDutchmaster is a genious for putting these threee artists together and you can take that too the bank. Ohhhhhhhh and M Phazes GOOD GRACIOUS

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