Fred The Godson – Over My Dead Body f. DJ Suss One (Video)

Something new from the XXL Freshman, whose City Of God tape is out now.

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  • MisterPoliteness

    Bronx is a huge shithole full of dirtballs, I'm glad I live in the suburbs there's no crime get a good education in public schools and get money from a good careeer. This song is a pile of shit

  • peteROC

    This dude sounds like he has sleep apnea son. get your tonsils removed cuz. ol fat jadakiss voice ass

  • dcboy153

    this dude got it slick talk at it best NYC is back yo
    love it

  • Marttin

    joint is hot

  • xD

    I just can't get over the way this dude looks, and if that makes me gay *shrugs*

  • Truth

    @peteROC your judging another mans voice instead of listening to his word play #EnoughSaid. @MisterPoliteness That was just an ignorant assumption. your "good education in public schools" has done 0 for you. Fuck were you thinking leaving some ignorant shit like that in the C section. There is Genius in the hood, you're just too blind to see it fuck boi.

  • B-Line

    This Fat kid look like a mini me version of Rick ross

    But he did his thing on here I can't hate that Bring the Mike back line was illlllll

    give credit where it's due, just stop talking about chicks cuz we all know u bullshitting you ain't getting pussy.

    Good job though


Dave East - "One Way"

Kairi Chanel can't come soon enough.

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