Wiz Khalifa & Chris Brown in the Studio

With O.N.I.F.C. dropping later this year, Wiz hit the studio with Chris Brown and Maroon 5's Adam Levine. I know my girl will be pleased to hear that last addition haha.

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  • IG

    It's Currensy on the pic yo

  • t

    isn't that dawaun parker with the hoodie?

  • yesman

    shake i want to see ur bitch homie...

  • theBroKing

    a not so subtle way of shake letting everyone know he has a girlfriend

  • shake is 14 years old

    lol first time i seen shake mention him having a girlfriend on this site.. gotta be his first one in years judging by the way he tries to sneak her into his tweets.. he sounds like such a loser

  • DeSilva

    Shake.... what's your real name man? I really wanna see this dudes Facebook lmao. Something tells me I'm going to laugh a lot.

  • Roderick


  • Black Hippy

    Everybody, Shakes on Twitter. He looks like a wannabe Travis Barker-esque Character.

  • WashHeightsWutUp

    Yoooooooooo... I remember like 3 years ago. ..this guy Shake uploaded a video of him, and Asher Roth, or his manager...doing some video chat shit. Ustream or iChat or whatever it was. Everytime Asher or that Scooter dude would talk, I would hear this female-really low-squeeky-nervous-vidal sassoon type of voice. The whole time I was like... wtf am I watching? I thought this dude Shake was the one talking to them. The bottom line is, I was confused as fuck. Then....fast forward.... 2dbz posts this video of some BBQ they did in LA I think... bring backpacks for kids or something, and there's a 4sec clip.. of this dude Shake talking... LMAOOO.. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....It hit me.. like.. that was the dude talking to Asher Roth???? THAT'S WHAT HE SOUNDS LIKE? LOLOL... I suggest everybody find that coverage from the 2dopeboyz BBQ lol

    Shake, I'm not gonna lie... I love this site man. This is my shit. Your voice was just..... Shocking bra lol

  • it amazes me how people can hate so hard without knowing someone. The guy's put together a phenomenal website for us to stay up to date on hip hop. Stop hatin' and do something with your life. You might not have as much hatred in your heart.


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