• http://www.vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    I can see this kid being real nice in a couple years.

  • nick

    ^word. dudes real lyrical for being so young

  • peteROC

    'It's crazy how the tables turn 360, they acting cold now I'm spitting heat, 350, oven--tually I'll be in the list with the top 10 MCs of the century' yeah young guy's got potential. i'll root for the kid.

  • http://twitter.com/iamlewisb #realtalk

    listen, i'ma let you finish and you really got talent but you cried like a bitch during show time. *kanye shrugs*

  • dev

    he was nice on that joint with Sha Stimuli

  • doc rovers

    peteROC, did he really say things are turning around 360 degrees in a rhyme? fuckin idiot. so basically things are coming around right back where they started

  • (l,k)

    @doc rovers
    it means things came full circle retard lol

  • DaTruth

    This kid seriously looks like his face got ran over by several trucks when he was little. Funny how black people look so much like monkeys, huh?