ESSO - Son Of SAMO (FreEP)

Despicable E has emerged from his hiatus to drop his new EP for the masses. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. So Far So Real [performed by Gray]
2. Son of SAMO Intro (prod. Ryuchi Sakamoto)
3. Ready (prod. Jonathan Stein)
4. F*ck It All (prod. Mike Mef)
5. Death Do Us (prod. The Therapeuticz)
6. Filet Mignon & French Fries (prod. Jonathan Stein)
7. Seances (prod. Mike Mef)
8. Tapewreck (prod. VHVL)


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  • Robbie Maynard The III

    Oh this reminds me of that line, Chillin With Esso, Sippin Expresso, I be like Yesso.

    Well, its better than YEowa. Meow. Slaughterhouse is asking for beef with the Wu-ToNG cLAN. No that is not a typo boys and girls, that is the correct spelling, just ask Rza next time you see him, Bong Bong,

  • Lysol

    so much esso dickridin on this site, no one lookin for this dude

  • Will

    if basquait had a son...he would not put this shit out. half hearted attempt from a weak mc who has way more ego than soul.

  • NikonIcon

    Solid shit from one of the most underrated right now...


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