• http://Shy Shy

    U GANG

  • Iodine

    I mean, im down with their music, but that cover is straight up ass

  • yo

    14 thumbs down?? are u fucking kidding me are u dudes not hearing the flow or the lyrics??

  • thefluck

    WTF is goin on wit that cover?? Absolute worse microsoft paint job Ive ever seen, these niggaz got waaaaaay too much skills to be fuckin wit a disgraceful product presentation like that

  • buckets

    looks more like a product of ms word

  • wow

    the chorus and the verses were fire!!! this should have more thumbs up!!

  • hsg_fan

    yeah that may be the worse cover of all time, too bad cuz the tape gonna be fire

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    yeah. i agree.
    im gonna shoot them an artbyshake version tomorrow.

  • trufisbak

    u should do something with the warning shots 3 cover too while ur at it ;)