Media Gasface: Pete Rock, Prince Paul & Buckwild are... LOOKIN4GALT (Preview)

So what do Prince Paul, K-Def, Buckwild, Evil Dee and Pete Rock do in 2012 ? Simple. They're LOOKIN4GALT. Except for Evil Dee, who just kicks the Frenchmen out.

On a side note, the Media Gasface folks have asked Shake and myself to take part in one of their docu-films. Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

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  • Andrew

    I respect their work and films thus far. Good look for you guys. I say do it. Love the site, have since day one. Keep doing you. Respect.

  • hmmm

    I'm confused. What is this film about? What is galt?

  • Rikmalkolm

    They got some interesting stuff, link with them kids!


Black Milk - "The Rebel"

Black will also drop a new album as well.

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