[The Tens] 10 Dope Female Emcees NOT Named Nicki Minaj To Watch In 2012

blame it on Meka January 19, 2012

The folks at TheWellVersed have compiled their annual list of a brand new set of femcees that you should keep your eyes on for the new year, from the likes of Raven Sorvino, Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea (I’m still on the fence with that one) and more.

READ: [The Tens] 10 Dope Female Emcees NOT Named Nicki Minaj To Watch In 2012

  • Purps McNuggets

    Does someone want to post the list…cant stand going page by page to look at a list i dont care much about to begin with

  • brite

    The entire list is human garbage.

  • nietzche

    azealia is nice, she’s just not exactly what a lot of people who read sites like these think a hip-hop mc should be

  • No, Signif The Gift? That list is fraud.

  • grapedrank


  • TheWarBoyz

    ROCKY RIVERA, you baaaastards!

  • fuckthetoptenjustmakeyourlistononepageandnottensperatepages

    No Snow tha Product? really? smh

  • Martin

    Reema Major is the best one on the list. G7 Records

  • wordtho?

    women cant rap

  • JayCass

    Dynasty, Sa-Roc

  • @GiaMedley Fan

    This list doesn’t have Giana Medley at No.1 or even on the list for that matter…this ultimately makes the credibility of the list nonexistent

  • chefdeisel

    Haven’t checked the list but STAHHR the femcee is the nicest female mc I’ve heard since Lyte.

  • JayMoney

    1. Azealia Banks
    2. Raven Sorvino
    3. Iggy Azalea
    4. Nitty Scott
    5. Audra the Rapper
    6. Angel Haze
    7. Reema Major
    8. Siya
    9. Uzoy
    10. Nina B

    Probably alotta ugly bitches out there with better flows… if you know what i mean.

  • JAD534

    No K.Flay? Come on!


    Angel Haze,
    Audra The Rapper,
    Azealia Banks,
    Iggy Azalea,
    Nina B,
    Nitty scott,
    Raven Sorvino
    Reema Major


    Nitty Scott takin that list

  • jerry

    lol @ women cant rap. that was ignorant but funny

  • Even tho Nicki has been putting out some trash lately like roman in moscow and stupid hoe you can deny she a good female Mc if she stop wit all that brab shit maybe ppl would respect her more

  • Jean Grae, Nitty Scott, Nicki Minaj

  • wilmofo

    Uh, excuse me but Boog Brown, Miz Korona & Invincible should be high on top of any female mc list! I’m just saying! But you can’t ever forget miss Jean Grae!!!!

  • JSono

    No Rapsody?!?!? “ABC” shi**ed on any female emcee’s whole catalog last year!

  • JohnnyGibbs

    No StashMarina or Rapsody !?? Bullshit list.

  • JayCass

    This list is based on up and coming femcees which is why you don’t see the likes of Rapsody, Jean Grae, & Boog Brown…while not necessarily hitting their peak as artists just yet, are amongst those who have already garnered much respect in the hip hop community.

  • JAyP

    where is Honey Cocaine?

  • JulyFourth


  • Randy

    @julyfourth nigga shut the fuck up you probably havent even listened to half of these artists. fucking dickrider.

  • tompetty

    i want to listen to women rap as much as i want to watch the wnba…

  • What The Hell!! No Lola??

  • Jason Lively

    After listening to Who Gwan Test Me, Pink Pony & Whisper’z Raven Sorvino has my vote. Versatility, solid records & she’s actually attractive.

  • maricruz

    no Alyssa Marie …smdh

  • realknowsreal

    yea no Rapsody confused me but *shrugs* opinions is opinions, ima try n get hip to angel haze tho she fit my type muzik

  • lance geneva

    all i know is that azealia banks has been on repeat for the whole week.. she can rap but she chooses to sing as well, so niggas might have a problem with that shit but her SONGWRITING skills and soundscapes are amazing..

  • southcakc23

    boog brown was on the 2011 list….but she needs to be on the 2012 list. She didn’t start getting the notoriety that was expected until late 2011. Boog Brown is lyrically in the top 10% of emcees doin it; not just females.